This article continues with yearbook dedications from the Hunter Tannersville Central School.

The Crest – 1980

Dedicated to: Mr. Robert Graham. Thank you for your guidance and understanding during our high school years. Mrs. Clara Thompson, our yearbook, is dedicated to you because of your dedication to us.

The Crest – 1981

Dedicated to: Miss Winters (later to become Lynn Byrne), you have always stayed with us, even though it was difficult at times. Your enthusiasm, vitality, and perseverance have given us the strength to stay together. To Mr. (Harry) McGuire. To a man who has touched the lives of the students, his talent and knowledge have been an inspiration. Teaching is Mr. McGuire’s life. His giving of himself never ends at the close of the school day.


The Crest – 1983

Renee Wolny, Tracey Merwin, and Kathy O’Connell were co-editors.

To Berna Showers. Through thick and thin, she stood by overseeing our activities and offering a helping hand. When everyone else had given up on us, Berna didn’t. Her overflowing enthusiasm kept us going right through to graduation day.

Crest – 1984

Dedicated to Terri Legg, warmth – advice – dedication. Terri was the class advisor. We’ll never forget your advice and urging us in the right direction.” To Howard Bolte, wisdom – leadership – character.

Crest – 1985

Dedicated to both Robert Graham for his “warmth, advice, and dedication,” and to Michael Holcomb for his “wisdom, leadership, and Character.”

Crest – 1986

Dedication – We, the Senior Class, dedicate our 1986 yearbook to Mr. Michael Holcomb and Mr. Peter Glass, because they were dedicated to us. Thank you for your stories, your advice, and for treating us like real people. A special Thank You to Mrs. Adeline (Chicky) Basil, our Class Advisor. The Senior Trip, our dinner, and Graduation were all successful thanks to you. We’ll remember you always.

Crest – 1987

Editors: Jennifer Johannessen; Medora Kizyma; and Paul Merwin.

Dedication - To A Man Who Has Given So Much Time and Energy. Don Endy. The Yearbook Staff is proud and pleased to honor, in our ‘88 Crest, Don Endy, our dedicated man of the year. In Memoriam – Leslie Phelan, a graduate from H-T-C- in 1963 as the Salutatorian. She was a wonderful person and will be missed by all.

Crest – 1989

Editor - Justin Wasserstrom

“This Is Dedicated to The Ones We Love.” Mr. John Glennon led an exciting life as an FBI Agent, teacher, and principal for ten years at HTC. We wish you the best. Mrs. Clara Thompson is one of the most caring members of the teaching faculty. She was our home economics teacher, along with being the Honor Society Adviser. Thank you, Mrs. Thompson.

The remaining yearbook dedications should (hopefully) be covered before long.

It’s been a pleasure looking and reading through the books. The time, effort, and individually that goes into each yearbook is impressive. No two are alike, not even similar. It’s easy to appreciate the sensitivity, knowledge, and wit of the many senior students. The dedication our teachers have for their students is undeniable. How fortunate our community is to have such a great school up on the hill.

These articles concentrated on school Dedications, but there were always many good employees in all the various school departments.

Until next week, take care, be thankful & be kind. You never know how your act of kindness may change someone’s life. Please, any comments or concerns, contact:, or call 518-589-4130.

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