“A child’s confidence in him or herself depends upon the confidence his elders put in him.” — 1930 NEWSLINE.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, full of good times, family and friends. Time passes quickly and 2020 is here. This series continues with a 1971 HTC graduating yearbook. (Any missing years will be posted later). These will cover students, teachers, and school board members. Our libraries and schools (teachers, librarians, board members, etc.) form a connection with the community in a unique manner. They join in playing an immense role in the future of our children and our town.

HTC Yearbook – 1971

Editors Mary Hopper and Marilyn Dwyer.

Mrs. Isabel (Izzy) Schoonmaker. “A teacher is not a molder, leaving an indifferent stamp but rather a sculptor seeking, searching, experimenting. Through your efforts, we have been stimulated to learn and to know.”

HTC – 1972

No editor listed.

“This year, our class has found two people whom we wish to dedicate our yearbook. We feel these two people have gone unrecognized and unrewarded for their efforts on our behalf – two people who have given freely of their time and love. We looked outside the school into the “heartland of America” and found Two beautiful People – OUR PARENTS!” (NICE)

HTC – 1973

No editor listed.

“73” feels the custodial and cafeteria staff of the HTC school systems are long overdue for recognition of a job well done.” In Memoriam – “Although she left a few years back, she was a member our class, and she will always be remembered as such. A smiling face and a friendly personality will always bring back memories of Sarah “Meg” Farrell.”

HTC – 1974

Editors Gerard Armstrong and Lauren Schneider

In Memoriam of Cecil Kelsey. He served the school well.

HTC – 1975

Dedication “Mrs. Thompson, for the smile, patience, and understanding that you have given to us through our high school years, we thank you for being the person you are.” “Mr. Graham, we will always look up to you and admire your quiet, concerned manner that you have expressed to each and every one of us.” In Memoriam – Lenora Lasher. “Though we didn’t know her well, she was a part of us and always will be. She gave us strength that only now we understand.”

HTC – 1976

No editor listed

“The class of 1976 dedicates the Elementary section of the “Crest” to June Caswell. With her patience and devotion, she succeeded in sending us on our way to academic success. Thank you, June Caswell.”

HTC – 1977

No editor

“We remember her marvelous ability for combining humor and learning with the firm hand of discipline. Thank you, Mrs. Haines, for sharing with us your knowledge and experience and for inspiring and encouraging us to think responsibly.” In Memoriam – Francis Curran. “She used discipline not as a weapon, but as a tool for instilling knowledge. Her persistence was always there to encourage those who faltered.”

HTC – 1978

No editor

No Dedication, but two Recognitions. Ed Cole. “ He keeps the “horses” galloping, a tough job taken with ease by a man with certain finesse known by few.” Dorothy Van Valkenbergh. “Yours was a difficult task, handled with the skill of a true professional. We thank you for a job well done.”

Please, until next week, take care, be thankful & be kind. You never know how your act of kindness may change someone’s life — any comments: Hunterhistorian@gmail.com or call 518-589-4130.

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