Welcome to the 1949 Hunter Tannersville Central School’s graduating class.

In the center is our long-time math teacher, Izzy Hourigan Schoonmaker, pictured in the first photo and Mary Mahoney McGinnis, pictured in the second photo, arrived at HTC in the year 1947.

Mary Mahoney still lives in Platte Clove, and she looks as good today as she did in this photo!

Thank you to Leon and Illa Goodrich for their history-sharing on Leon’s (and Charlie Blaney’s) class of 1949 and lots of other matters.

Pictured in the photo of the graduating class in the first row are Elsie Kuppens (Mrs. Claude Powell); Alice Cloos; Pat Peck (Pat married Bernie Harty (Dick Harty’s brother), who died young. Pat then married Warner Byrne, a local electrician); Beverly Newcomb (O’Brien); Miss Isabelle Hourigan (Izzy was single at this point); Rita Lohman, Sherell Smith, and Dorothy Place; Ruth Jenkins (Mrs. Reggie Cross from Windham).

Pictured in the second row are Allan Craig, Benny Bell, Leon Goodrich, Doris Jensen; Shirley Rion (Shirley attended HTC from Chichester [Ulster County] during the years Chichester students went to our school); Mary Winnie, Florence Cole, Raphy Peskowitz, Harold Filsen, and Leonard Haines.

In the third row are Donald France, Carl Panero, James West, Richard Banks, Harvey Strauser, Reginald Mead, Leslie Van Valkenburg, and Charlie Blaney.

Fourt row includes Jerry Woodworth, Donald Yager, Charles Thorpe, Connor Flahive, Lavern Fredenburgh, Leonard Woodard, Bobby Thorpe, and Nelsen Katz.

Missing from the class photo was Kenneth Becker, Frank Heinrck, Willard Grant, Elloise Kirk, Emily Smith, Donald Irwin.

Pictured in the second photo from left are Teelee Ball and Fran Curran, seated. Standing are Izzy Hourigan, Irene Gillespie, Dot Chase, Harry McGuire, Mary Mahoney, Hazel Yager.

A special thank you to Mary Mahoney McGinnis for sharing this photo with me. You helped capture some extraordinary history. Thanks, Mary.

Until next week, take care and be thankful. One never knows how our act of kindness can brighten someone’s day. Stay safe, and take care.

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