Town of Hunter Tidbits: Elka Park Club House

Contributed photoELKA PARK CLUB HOUSE. Rates of Livery of John G. Gray, of Tannersville, As Per Contract, June 1st, 1904. For boarding horses, including attendance, except shoeing, seven dollars ($7.00) a head per week. (Equal today to $220.00). For taking care of wagons, including attendance, from one dollar ($1.00) to one dollar and a half ($1.50) per week, according to size. ($31.50 and $46.00). For carrying passengers between Tannersville Station and ELKA PARK, during regular hours, fifty cents (50c.) each person either way. For single passengers to or from the trains between the hours of eight o’clock p.m. and six-thirty o’clock a. m. one dollar $1.00) each. For carrying trucks of fifty (50) pounds and over between Tannersville Station and ELKA PARK, fifty cents (50c.) each. For carrying large express packages and trunks under fifty (50) pounds, as before, twenty-five cents (25c.) each. No charge is to be made for small parcels and hand baggage. For a single team, including driver For one-half day ----$2.50 For a whole day ----$5.00 For two or three seated wagons, including driver For one-half day----$5.00 For a whole day----$9.00 ($283.78). For four seated wagons, including a driver For one-half day----$6.00 For a whole day----$9.00 The toll is to be paid by the passengers in each case. Excursion trips to Tannersville and back to the Club House to be made twice a week during the season, at the rate of 50 cents for adults, 25 cents for children, provided that at least four persons agree to go. In this case, the names must be written on the slate in the office at the Club House, stating the day when the trip is to be made, to enable the party on the second part to provide the proper conveyance, which then shall leave the Club House at nine o’Äôclock a.m. on the day designated.


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