Central School District No. 1 election

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Question to ponder. If 1,500 people were present at the meeting, why were 938 votes cast? What happened to the other almost 600 people attending? Did people leave the meeting before the voting on the school buses? Interesting article.

On Tuesday evening, May 7, 1935, the annual election of Central School District No. 1 was held in the school auditorium. Counselor Paul Fromer was elected chairman of the meeting and Mayor Edward Dougherty, clerk. About 1500 people were present. After reading and adopting the treasurer’s report and annual budget, nominations for school trustees were called. They were as follows: Stanley D. Francis, J. Frank Lackey, to succeed himself, Mr. O’Bryan, and Mr. Sperl.

The voting started about 8 p.m. and took about one hour, 938 votes being cast. Of these, Mr. Lackey received 582, Mr. Francis 350, Mr. O’Bryan 2, and Mr. Sperl 4. A large majority re-elected Mr. Lackey.

A resolution called for an appropriation of $6000 for the purchase of a 60-passenger school bus. It was offered by Justice William G. Bynder and seconded by Mrs. Doyle. It was adopted by a vote of 98 to 89.

A second resolution was introduced by Delmar Smith and seconded by Arthur Hewitt. It called for the purchase of two smaller buses at a cost not to exceed $3000. A vote of 63 to 59 adopted this.

Mrs. Rose Meisels was elected trustee of the Hunter Library for the term of five years.

On April 29, Governor Lehman signed a bill validating the bond issue and ratifying the school elections of October 23, 1934. He validated Central District No.1 of the towns of Hunter, Jewett, and Lexington. The bill, by its terms, ratifies all the acts of the Board of Education, its agents, and employees regarding the said election. The bill had the approval of the Federal Administration of Public Works. It was unanimously passed It was unanimously passed by both branches of the Legislature.

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