PRATTSVILLE — HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all. Stay safe and healthy. Continued appreciation for our healthcare workers and essential workers. Thank you. When you wear your masks and follow health guidelines, you are protecting those who do so much for us.

Although there was some high water in town, most of the residents escaped a repeat of 2011. Many of the homeowners took the precaution of leaving their homes for a few hours but no danger in sight, so went back home. Not so good for Conine Field. Some of the walking path was washed out and a lot of debris is scattered on the creek side of the field. A bench and one of the soccer goals was transplanted. Again, not a repeat of 2011. What you thought was a large gust of wind was just people expelling a sigh of relief.

Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve was lonely. Even the TV shows were just barebones entertainment.

Had a great conversation with fellow columnist Lula Anderson of Ashland. She wants everyone to know there will be no green dump truck in her driveway any time soon. Lula is another one on those people who is the recipient of everyone else’s “extras.”

Ginny Kennedy entertained step-daughter Mickey Anderson of South Carolina and her two doggies for a few days. Ginny and Mickey took some time to visit some of our chic little stores in town — WTS & Company and the Art Center. The Art Center is open 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday for some homemade baked goods. There are some specialty pies that Ginny highly recommends. Susie Walsh stopped at Ginny’s with the Zadock Pratt Museum coloring book that is also for sale at WTS & Co.

Little excitement on Route 23A. One of the homes being used as B’n’B was filled with smoke when a guest didn’t know they had to open the flue on the fireplace. No harm done just some inconvenience.

Official business — go through our Greene County offices in Catskill and keep those fees within our County. Jill and Kevin Piccoli had to go through all that hassle of getting to become official Prattsvilleans. Jill and Kevin, nice to see your classic Christmas decorations on your driveway entrance. You have been around so long thought of you as residents of Prattsville.

Rev. Alicia of the Reformed Church has been seen around town. They are still awaiting the reopening of their beloved Church. With appointment, Claudia Bracaliello is happy to serenade you with organ music at the Church.

Get well wishes go out to Mike Meli. We wish Mike a very happy and healthy New Year. Feel better wishes go out to John Riggi. Phyllis Raeder is sent speedy recovery wishes.

Know Mike Ryan did an article on W.T.S. & Company in the local paper but have some feedback from customers. Lots of items for everyone — candles, soaps, costume jewelry, handmade items from local crafters, and other items of interest.

Sad news to relate to the Class of ’58, Gilboa Conesville CS. Classmate Jim Law recently died. He lived in the Syracuse area. Sympathy to all.

Tom Dignam is visiting with his daughter Ronnie in the Poughkeepsie area.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes as follows: To Lana Breigle on Jan. 2. On Jan. 3 to Ursula Lindley. On Jan. 4 to Diane Cammer Eklund and Debbie Carman — party, party. We wish Happy Birthday to Kimberly Jaeger, Micha Truesdell and Liam Truesdell on Jan. 11.

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