Prattsville — A peaceful Veterans Day/Month to our veterans. You are justly thanked every day. Missed kissing all of you this year so just think of all the make up kisses and hugs you will get next year.

Thank you to all our healthcare workers — we truly owe our lives to you. You also are putting your lives on the line. Thank you. And thank you to all our essential workers, you are appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Principal Thomas Cervola, Darcy Jaeger-Brand, students Ava Gockel and Olivia Ross representing Gilboa-Conesville CS, led the tribute for Veterans Day for veterans at the Prattsville Town Pavilion on Friday, Veterans included Commander Chris Tompkins, Kip Rikard, Dave Rikard, Bob Gurley, Arnold Jaeger and Darcy Jaeger-Brand and Auxiliary members Connie Lane, Diana Jaeger, Ginny Gurley and Darcy Jaeger-Brand. Yes, Darcy took part as a representative in all three categories — quite an achievement Darcy and we thank you for your military service and involvement in teaching and the auxiliary.

Gordon Mosher of the Athens American Legion Post delivered a large, very large, donation of items for the VA Christmas Celebration they had collected for us at their Veterans’ Day breakfast in coordination with the Blue Star Mothers of Greene County. We all work together. Thank you.

Next was Carol Landers of Prattsville. Carol continually works quietly behind the scenes doing her charitable works both for her fellow residents and for local organizations. Carol brought all kinds of items to be included in the gift bags for the veterans at Christmas and some items to be enjoyed now. Thank you so much Carol.

Had a chance to speak with Sharon Potter, who has the distinction of being Charlotte’s mom — everyone knows Charlotte Jaeger. Sharon stopped by in support of her American Legion Auxiliary’s raffle of Christmas Baskets of Cheer — now numbering five baskets — five chances to win. Sharon also donated items to be shared at school for their craft classes. Sharon’s only complaint was, although she does like the Hallmark Christmas shows, she wishes they would still run a few of her Hallmark mystery shows.

Got the lowdown and upbeat on the Kings — Roxie and Jim. They have been sheltering in place at home on Peckham Road. They are still doing the rehab on their home — doing it yourself means it is taking a little longer than you think. They also do lots of things with their children and grandchildren plus the Kings have a homemade Christmas — they all make gifts for the family. Jim is busy in his woodworking shop and Roxie is making lap quilts for 8 ladies. They did make a few trips to visit with their children in Maryland and check in with various doctors — that is the old peoples social life.

Ann Oliver made a quick visit to drop off her beautiful crocheted laprobes and fleece throws for the hospitalized veterans — just in time for Christmas. Ann, who enjoys quilting, can really put together the color combinations for the beautiful laprobes. Thank you Ann.

Sympathy to the McGlynn family of Maple Lane. The patriarch of the family, Tom, passed recently and our prayers are with all the members of his family.

On Nov. 22 we wish Anna Tompkins and Jackie Briggs Happy Birthday. Nancy Olson is sent Happy Birthday greetings on Nov. 23. Happy Birthday to Adrianna Bifolco and Jim Young on Nov. 24. Ed McClean is wished Happy Birthday on Nov. 27. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes on Nov. 14 to Mary and Ron Cline.

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