PRATTSVILLE — Our wishes are for your good health and safety. We send appreciation and gratitude to our medical professionals and EMTs and first responders for their response to our ongoing health crisis. All of you are in our prayers. Thank you for keeping us safe.

To all who are going through some sort of health issues — flu/colds, recovering from operations, tumbles, etc. — we wish you a speedy recovery.

Many conferences and meetings are being canceled by their parent organizations due to the latest outbreak of COVID. Again, we do ask your cooperation in stopping the spread of this disease. The victims are getting younger and younger and we all want the safety of our little ones to be our primary concern.

With winter weather showing its true chilly face there would be less activity at Conine Field. Not so. Families, moms and dads and their children, take advantage of the snow to do some sledding and just enjoy the snow and time off from school. Many continue to walk their dogs, and the dogs seem to enjoy the winter weather more than their owners. Some of those dogs are big — not like Dave Martin’s Sydney. Sydney is better mannered too.

The Ehlers, Joan and Rudy, got their new home set on the site just in time before our winter snows. Best of luck to you in your new home. Looks very nice set in there like it was there forever. Enjoy.

You never know when an impromptu idea will bring unexpected happiness. Jay, of WRIP fame, bought an Alexa for the veterans on the 9th Floor for one of their communal gifts and that is the gift that is bringing the most fun and enjoyment to all. Michele said, “It is working out great…..I wish you could have seen the fun they were having with the Amazon Alexa.” She would like to see them set up in each unit. This was an unexpected gift from Jay and it really hit the spot for them to react to something in lieu of the visitors. We will be trying to fill Michele’s wishes for our long term veterans with additional Alexas. They were probably enjoying the soda donated by Jim’s Great American while playing with the Alexa. Thanks Jim. Also heard from veteran friends in Oregon, Massachusetts and Long Island and they all gave unsolicited A+ to their VA facilities. Thanks to all who support and care for our veterans. The National Guard is being called up to assist with the medical emergency caused by COVID, and, again, high praise and appreciation for their professional and expert care. Thank you sentiments go out to our military.

Mentioning WRIP, heard part of Mike Ryan’s interview with the young Greene County Historian, Jonathan Palmer, and darn it, missed most of it. Mike mentioned the cemetery on top of Pratt Rock that was for the Afro American families who lived in that area. Not a lot of information is available about that so if any of our elderly residents know anything about the families and/or lore of that community, get in touch with Mike for investigation. Know Mike had tried to get some particulars about the settlement before.

Happy Birthday to Mike O’Hara on Jan. 17. On Jan. 18 we wish Derek Briggs Happy Birthday. On Jan. 19 we wish Phyllis Raeder and Benny Benjamin Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to Marianne Krauss and Theresa Speenburgh on Jan. 20. On Jan. 21 we wish Freda Fancher Happy Birthday.

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