PRATTSVILLE — Happy Father’s Day to all you dads. Thank you for setting a good example for all of us.

A continued thank you to all our frontline workers, medical, law enforcement, firemen, first responders, merchants, truck drivers, etc. etc. And a thank you to all who follow health guidelines, you too are protecting your family and friends.

The Lexington-West Kill Fire Department was pleasantly surprised on Saturday when their chicken barbecue sold out within 20 minutes of opening for business. Although there were many who were disappointed that they were not able to buy dinner from the firemen, they were gladdened by the firemen’s success. They too play a part in out current health crises. Thank you to all our local firemen.

Sympathy to Steve and Debbie Barry Baker and all the Barry family on the recent passing of Debbie’s sister Sheila. Sheila was a part time resident of Prattsville, arriving in Prattsville at around 5 years old on vacation with her parents, Henry and Mary, and sisters Kathy, Mary and Debbie. All the Barry family and their families adopted Prattsville as their home away from home in the ‘60s. Some years ago Sheila wished for Jack’s Pizza and her wish was granted with a Jack’s Pizza made with the original Gurley recipe.

Saw Sue (Mrs. Alfred) Truesdell in Oneonta recently. She was looking for her mom Phyllis who escaped us all but she was eventually corralled. Phyllis did call for a follow up visit on Friday. She is anxious to get back on schedule for church Masses and to be able to see a few people outside her immediate family.

Good to see Joanne Haskin back on the job at Jim’s Great American. Joanne had some health issues and will be under doctor’s care for a while but she is there doing her part. Thank you Joanne.

Fritzie Martin Schmidt (Traphagen’s Honey) is wished speedy return to good health. With some rest and TLC from loving hubby Lou, she will be out and about soon. Fritzie is supposed to be “quiet” and Lou has threatened to purchase some yellow duct tape to accomplish this feat. Good luck with that.

It would have been fitting to take a Sunday drive to Greenville on the 14th, Flag Day, to view the Greenville American Legion Post’s Field of Flags. You can always view this magnificent sight until July 4. It is well worth the trip.

Mary O’Hara kept herself in absolute quarantine for 42 days and only recently ventured out in public, with proper PEPs. Mary was critically ill last fall, before the pandemic, and with her health being compromised, she did not want to take any chances. Family members stayed in touch via window greetings.

Some are returning to work/socializing and honoring guidelines. Protect yourselves and each other, especially the most vulnerable. Ventilators are not nearly as attractive as masks and so much more restrictive. Think about it.

Happy Birthday to Donnie Speenburgh on June 20. A great and Happy Birthday to Al Creazzo on June 21. On June 22 we wish Erin O’Hara Meyer and Ken Maurer special Happy Birthday. Pat Smith is wished a special Happy Birthday on June 23. What milestone is this Pat? Only a few days behind you. On June 25 we wish Beverly Hull Haskin a great Happy Birthday. Johannes Krauss is sent special Happy Birthday wishes on June 26. Young Emma Cornell is also wished Happy Birthday on June 26.

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