PRATTSVILLE — Happy and Healthy New Year. Trust your Christmas celebrations were filled with family, friends and love.

Visitors from near and far filled local homes with family and friends. Arkansas, Cooperstown, Cherry Valley, East Durham, were some of the towns and states sending visitors to our area. Driveways were packed with visitors’ cars and homes were resounding with conversations, season’s greetings and the clinking of glasses, even family pets joined the festivities. Happy for all that the holidays were somewhat back to normal. Please be careful and intelligent about following health guidelines. We have all the holidays in 2022 to enjoy.

Matt Peters of WTS Store and Ann O’Hara of Ann & Co. were treated to some holiday goodies from some grateful customers.

George Greiner, veteran of Athens, made an impromptu visit to an area friend. He and wife Donna hand delivered their Christmas card because they had recently moved and wanted their friends to have their new address. It was a chance to have a Christmas conversation.

Got a nice thank you letter from Michele Ferrauilo, R/T, at Stratton VAMC for the recent Christmas Celebration gifts for the residential veterans on the 9th Floor as follows addressed to us all:

“Thank you so much once again for thinking of our residents. It was great to see you and your elves on December 13th. Thank you for dropping off the gifts and lifting the spirits of our Veterans. Your thoughtfulness and kindness is extra special to our residents during COVID 19. As you know the medical center is taking every precaution to protect our Veterans and with that comes no visitors. So, every little act of kindness helps. They truly enjoyed and appreciated the gifts that they received. Some of them tore them open immediately and some are waiting until Christmas. They missed seeing all of you so did the staff. They want me to send you a great big thank you. Thank you to your community and the Veteran Service Organizations who played a part in this event. We were even able to provide some cheer to our Veterans on the medical units. [Short term surgical or clinical patients] Thank you for the time you spend shopping, organization and preparing for this event. The residents and staff wish to send you and your crew a huge thank you and hoping we can all see you soon. Sincerely, Michele Ferrauilo, Recreation/Creative Arts Section Supervisor, Adaptive Sports Coordinator”

As you can see by the multiple titles Michele has, she is a very busy person and she does every responsibility, and I do mean every, with excellence and love. Plus with the pandemic and loss of volunteers and cutbacks in staff, Michele is doing double duty most of the time. She assists with check-ins and administering vaccines and still provides the most important care of all — love. If you would like to send her a card:

Michele Ferrauilo, R/C Arts Supervisor, Stratton VAMC, Room 117, 113 Holland Ave, Albany, NY 12208.

You could also include love and greetings to the veterans on the 9th Floor.

Happy Birthday to Carli Ann O’Hara and to Janet Chatfield Syska out in Oregon on Jan. 1. Happy Birthday to Lana Breigle on Jan. 2. On Jan. 3 we wish Baylee Lorraine Osborn and Ursula Gurley Lindley Happy Birthday. Watch out for a big celebration on Jan. 4 — we wish Diane Cammer Eklund and Debbie Carman Colliton a Happy Birthday. Wonder what they will be up to?

Send your holiday news to or call 518-299-3219.

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