PRATTSVILLE – Memorial Day in Prattsville, the American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 has found it necessary not to have a Memorial Day Parade but to have a closed ceremony due to the pandemic and health guidelines. It is prudent to forego the usual parade and public ceremony this year so we can all be there for next year’s Memorial Day Parade.

Kip Rikard had a great celebration for his 90th birthday. His family hosted the fete on Main Street, Prattsville, and family, fellow Legionnaires and veterans and friends were there for Kip’s special day. Refreshments were served with Valerie and Trista acting as carhops. Lots of smiles with fire companies from Prattsville, Grand Gorge, Ashland, Windham and Hensonville and their accompanying rescue squads sirens blowing making sure everyone heard of the celebration. Happy Birthday again Kip.

From Steff and Steve of Winchell’s Corners and Milford: “In times of Covid we have resurrected the ‘Sunday Drives’ that our parents took us on in our youth. We drove out 28 through Milford and Steve made a left hand turn. We drove a while and found Arnold Lake Road and decided to drive it. Wow, we found Arnold Lake. A very beautiful lake with some wonderful summer camps on it. When we take these drives we are following safety protocols. We have our bandannas. We get in the Jeep in our driveway and do not exit the Jeep until we return to our driveway. We respect the rules but have an interesting time. Since we are new here there are many roads to see and many adventures.

“We discovered the beautiful town of Worcester. What wonderful architecture! And then we found Mt. Vision garden center off Route 205 in Mt. Vision. Twenty-five, read that, 25 greenhouses filled with the most beautiful plants ever! We loaded up and have been planting. The other day we drove to Laurens. There was a big old house there that I used to drive by in the ‘60s. It looked like it came out of a William Faulkner novel. It is still there and looking good. Then we went to Gilbert Lake State Park. I used to go there for quiet time to study when I was in school. One time a girlfriend and I took out a rowboat and found out that we had no idea what to do when we got to the middle of the lake. We needed a rescue.

“So, interesting drives, some down memory lane, help us through this lonely time. We have also purchased a pet stroller so we can take Abbie, our maine coon mix kitty, with us on walks along the lake! She meows a lot but is starting to ‘get with the program.’ Hope you can use some of this. Steff and Steve.”

Yes, we can and we thank them for sharing. They are big fans of Prattsville, supporting many of our veterans’ programs, and they helped out after “the flood.”

The Hermance men continue their hunting successes. Dad Bob got a turkey on Saturday, with a 9-3/4” beard and weighing more than 20 lbs. Then young Bobby got his second turkey later. Bob and Carrie helped out friends by thinning out excess perennials and their reward was they got to keep the plants. It was Carrie’s job to replant them.

Happy Birthday to Rudy Ehlers on May 23. On May 26 we wish David Lane a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday wishes go out to Jim Dymond on May 27.

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