PRATTSVILLE — Kathy Sherman is doing her best to overcome her health scare. In one week she went to lunch twice. One day it was with Carol Landers and Carol’s niece Phyllis, Areta Jaeger and Myrtle of The Mews. A few days later Kathy was the guest of American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 members Mary Cline, Marianne Krauss, Pat Minew, Cathy Martino, Nancy Orr, Shelly Brainard and Ginny Gurley, as a way of thanking her for her support of the Unit. They enjoyed a Chinese buffet with lots of laughing and plans for the next luncheon a little closer to home. Kathy and Carol also took in swimming at the rec center in Arkville. No need for safety worries, Nancy Orr is the lifeguard there. Kathy’s brother Alan Huggins continues his recovery and his wife Sue said they are hoping for the best.

Eva Irwin continued her birthday celebration into the past week. Daughter Laurel and Eva had a great lunch at the Red Lobster in Kingston. Eva said she is looking forward to more family visits this week.

Get well wishes are sent to young Micha and Liam Truesdell. Mom Sandy said Micha missed a whole week of school but is now on the mend. Younger brother Liam also has some symptoms but his complaints are not as bad.

We have so many people in this area looking out for our veterans. Amelia Osborn is not idle during her winter work break. With her husband Tom, who also provides the wood for their comfy home, and dogs for company, Amelia is turning out laprobes for our hospitalized veterans on an amazing volume. Legionnaire Don Speenburgh took up eight laprobes made by Amelia as well as other donations to the Stratton VAMC on Wednesday.

Donnie and Connie Lane celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary with a family dinner. Connie said, “Phew, sixty-two years.” Marianne and Johannes Krauss celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary with a dinner with brother Jurgen and wife Eleanor at their favorite German restaurant in the city area. The next day it was a get together with their daughter and her family to continue the celebration.

Marianne Krauss, Cathy Martino and Ginny Gurley attended the Greene County American Legion Auxiliary meeting in Greenville on Saturday. After the meeting and grand chicken dinner with all the fixings, they took part in the interviews for delegates to Empire Girls State. Congratulations to Ava Gockel, Johnson Hollow, on being selected as a delegate to Empire Girls State, program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Dept. of NY and National Ameican Legion Auxiliary. The American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 of Prattsville chose her as their selection from Gilboa Conesville CS. She was one of six young ladies being considered to fill 2, possibly 3, positions to the event in late June early July. All six girls were outstanding so Ava is to be congratulated for her achievement. One of the questions was their opinion on the burning of our American Flag and taking a knee or refusing to stand during our National Anthem. They thought it was a poor way to show disapproval of civil and social standings. One young lady had the best opinion we’ve ever heard. She said, “It is like they are protesting the very right they are using to show their disapproval.” “From the mouths of babes.”

Happy Birthday to Judy Haskins on Feb. 15. We send Happy Birthday greetings to Betty O’Hara on Feb. 17. Happy Birthday to Dottie Pickett on Feb. 20. Happy Birthday to Keith Lane, brother of Sandi Rion, on Feb. 21. Happy Anniversary to Jane and John Lane on Feb. 14.

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