PRATTSVILLE — Thank you to all our healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers, our mothers and those holding it together. We still need you and each other.

Mothers were feted to presents, phone calls and dining out on their day.

Frost Friday morning. But that is nothing unusual just something we have to work around with our gardens and outdoor activities.

Thank you to all who helped kick off the Poppy Distribution in Prattsville by the American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 in support of our local and hospitalized veterans. The first day, the 4th, was very successful and if the following Tuesdays and other designated days in May are as productive, we can make up for the canceled program of 2020. We are so thankful for the love and support shown our veterans. We have to recognize so many veterans supporting their fellow veterans.

GJmiMes Ice Cream shop will be opening for the season on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

Bob Hermance was the doting husband on May 4 for his wife Carrie’s birthday. He arranged appetizers and birthday dessert of carrot cake with vanilla ice cream, and sirloin steak was also part of the menu. Louis and Nancy Hermance Kizyma also took part in the celebration. Happy Birthday again Carrie.

Sympathy to the family of Erich Rhuelman on his recent passing. Richard Brainerd is receiving expert care at the Stratton VAMC. Valerie continues to oversee his healthcare and makes sure everything is A-1 care. Get well Rich. Although they are residents of neighboring towns, the following are well known to most of us and we send them our get well wishes — Sharon Case and Pete Rossi. Sympathy to Les Buel’s family on his recent passing.

Had a chance to catch up on the doings of Joanne Roman and Jeff Schirrer and Alan and Carol Welsh. So many have been staying close to home that a trip to the grocery store provides a chance to join in a lengthy conversation. Carol and Alan are both veterans and are more than happy with the medical care they receive at Stratton VAMC.

The military Banners of Honor should be in place in time for Memorial Day. Veterans and families — please do not let any deadline discourage you from taking part in this. Better late than never.

Oh, to be young again or just younger. Heard there was quite a party at Janice Cammer’s home in celebration of Cinque de Mayo. The party goers, Diana and Janice Cammer, Ann and Mary O’Hara, Debbie Colliton, Matt and Melissa Peters, Donna Ramundo, dressed in appropriate attire for the day and music was provided by Ron Gutierrez. Heard all had a more than good time. It was such a big success that a Sock Hop is planned for the future when the weather is conducive for an outdoor setting.

Still more bulbs and perennials free for the digging. Call 518-299-3219.

Happy, happy birthday on May 15 to the following: Jack Rathbone and twin sister Judy Wyckoff, Sandy Kingsley Benjamin, Randy Cory Brainerd and Joanna Clark. They would make a super birthday party. May 16 is a big shout out to birthday girl Janice Cammer, aka as one of the Naughty girls, Happy Birthday Janice. On May 18 we wish Hank Oliver, Robert C. Rion and Kip Rikard a very Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to Kristin Tompkins on May 21. Happy Anniversary to Steve and Erin O’Hara Meyer on May 22.

Send birthdays and anniversaries, and your good news, to or call 518-299-3219.

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