PRATTSVILLE — Sending out thank you sentiments to our health care workers, essential workers, first responders and those working to keep their families together. Stay safe, stay healthy, we are in this together.

Want to thank Mary Cline for sharing husband Ronnie with his neighbors. Mary and her sister Pat were in Kingston to get Mary’s car serviced so Ronnie escaped and visited the neighbors who were giving out free flowers. He made the mistake of only bringing one bucket, or was that the idea, but he was provided with a large box and took home both the bucket and box filled to overflowing with flower plants. He can come back any time to take more to share.

Got a call from Eleanor Mager, Arkville. She always reads The Mountain Eagle and The Scoop. She took note of the various activities our Post 1327 and Unit 1327 conduct year round. Our veterans — the best cause ever. She wanted some ideas of where they could donate clothing items, new/some like new. At this time the best place would be the Veterans Outreach in Stamford or other items could go to CORE.

Update: Stratton VAMC, Albany, is starting a new offsite program for female veterans under the auspices of Jessica Hermance. It is called Veteran Maternity Care Program with a wish list. Jessica is the Coordinator of Women’s Health Care and Maternity Care for female veterans. Have a wish list for ongoing “baby shower” items and with our local needlecrafters here are a few items we could make right now — baby afghans, baby hats or preemie hats, receiving blankets or bibs. Have a more extended list if you are interested in purchasing items and much of the list is composed of inexpensive items — call 518-299-3219. Also call the same number for baby yarn and flannel material for receiving blankets and bibs, also have a very simple bib pattern to share. Knew all that “stuff” would come in handy.

Get well wishes go out to Clarence Soule, Barbara Mead and Betty Hapeman. These are our special friends in Lexington and Jewett.

Willie Briggs took down a decaying ash tree after it had been notched by homeowner, and it was simply not just bringing down a tree. Willie is very knowledgeable about sawing down the tree and it involves the size of the tree, whether it is dead or alive, where the owner wants the tree to fall, and includes mathematics, different types/sizes of wedges, etc. etc. It was an enlightening conversation. Thanks for the tutorial Willie.

The American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 played host for the Greene County American Legion Auxiliary meeting recently. It had a very limited number of attendees due to non-Covid health reasons. Because of the reduced number it proved to be a very informative meeting where the attendees, some who are new members, could ask questions of the senior members pertaining to the different programs and procedures. Thank you Debbie Baker and Jim Eisel for your undying support and love. It is appreciated.

Mark you calendars for 6 p.m. Aug. 12 for Sportsman’s Dinner at the Prattsville Fire House. Guest speaker, vendors, raffles, Brooks’ Chicken, door prizes, etc. This is just an alert more details to follow in future columns. The main thing is — mark your calendars for that date.

Happy Birthday on April 26 to Mary Powell, our favorite produce manager at Jim’s Great American. Happy Birthday to fellow Vietnam veterans Dana Hommel and Rev. Elliott Oaks on April 27.

Please call 518-299-3219 or email with your news.

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