PRATTSVILLE – Thank you to all our doctors, nurses and all others in the health care systems, and they are many and varied in their duties. God bless you and may all of us do our part to stay healthy to ease your burdens. May 7 is National Day of Prayer and we can all say a few more prayers for our Nation.

Wish there was more news but most are being prudent and staying home. It is a time to catch up on all those chores you wanted to do if you only had the time and now you do have the time.

American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327, Prattsville, is looking for ideas to remember our fallen heroes on Memorial Day. A drive by parade followed by the remembrance ceremony on the Prattsville Town Green with gun salute are under consideration. Masks and social distancing will be requested. Our deceased veterans must never be forgotten.

The Town Conine Field grounds and equipment are being used. Just wish more masks were in use. If you stay healthy, you help our health care workers and they can use our help. Walkers were out on the main roads.

JimMeGees Ice Cream store is open for the season. Yippee! Just be aware that separate windows are to be used for orders and pick up.

Mike Traver and son Javin were plowing the vegetable garden at Sandy Traver’s. Some of the Travers’ chickens and geese were enjoying the spring weather. Bob Kiley of RSK Farms was also plowing his fields for spring planting. Our local vegetables are going to be extra appreciated this year.

The wildlife is getting braver – turkeys, deer, eagles are close up and personal.

Had phone conversation with Marianne Krauss, Elsie Stuppert and Cathy Brainerd Martino. All their families are doing well. Marianne and Johannes gifted the Gurleys’ great-grandsons with children’s play furniture from their grandsons. Just in time to be put to use during the summer months in their own back yard. Thank you.

Happy Birthday to Allison Soule on May 8. On May 9 it is Happy Birthday to Marcia Gurley Tocci and Margaret Wright. Margaret will be celebrating her 96th birthday. Happy Birthday to Stanley Sutton Sr. and Brian Haskin on May 10. Happy Birthday to Ray Traver on May 11. On May 12 we send Mary Lutz and Austin Donison, in California, Happy Birthday. On May 15 we send Happy Birthday wishes to Jack Rathbone and twin sister Judy Rathbone Wyckoff, Sandy Kingsley Benjamin, Randy Cory Brainerd and Joanna Clark.

Please send your news to or call 518-299-3219.

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