PRATTSVILLE — Thank you, thank you to all our front line workers — doctors, nurses, first responders, firemen, law enforcement, essential workers. Our prayers and appreciation are with you. We are indebted to you.

The welcome and enjoyable phone calls continue and you can keep them coming.

Eva Irwin called to say thank you to all the 100+ friends and family members who sent her birthday cards for the 89th birthday. She was surprised and very pleased to be remembered on this milestone. She received flowers and gifts in addition to the cards. She said it was so nice of everyone to go the extra mile to remember her in this time of isolation. Keep up the good work — we can use some kindness.

On the humorous side, ladies can use the mask wearing as an opportunity to forego makeup from the nose down. Just do the eyes and you are ready to go.

Bobcats have been sighted on Route 23A. Or at least their tracks have been seen. Couple of families have been feeding the rabbits and the bobcats have been checking out the food chain. One family said the rabbits will eat the apple chunks first before going on to eat the carrots.

Have been hunting for a particular patterned material for aprons without success until now. Checking many sites on the internet, and following daughter’s suggestion, came up with a company that offered the exact material for which I was hunting. Checking it out the manufacturer was Windham Fabrics. Why order online when you can call the Patchwork Company in Windham and order directly? Laura and Fran were very helpful in giving a description of the material and took my order over the phone, to be mailed out within 24 hours. Yea, exact material wanted, courteous assistance and bought LOCALLY.

Our sympathy goes out to three more families who have lost loved ones. Joan and Rudy Ehlers and Donnie and Connie Lane and their families are sent condolences on the death of Joan and Donnie’s sister Diane Lane. Condolences to Annette Rappleyea Waller’s family on her death. George Dart’s family is sent sympathy on his recent passing. Our prayers to all.

Did Brianne Irwin find a home for her stray wild kitty? Seems he was not grateful for his safe haven and caused the family cat some discomfort.

Connie and Donnie Lane’s youngest great-grandchild, Marley, will be one year old on Feb. 13. Marley entertains herself by running around the inside of her crib and then doing a back free fall on the mattress. Grandma Connie says Marley then has a fit of the giggles and that entertains the rest of the family. Included in her family are Dad Greg and Mom Kerry McGuire Snyder, and brothers Cooper, 10, and Evan, 8. Marley’s Aunt Kaitlyn is attending college in London and her Aunt Allison works at Gilboa Conesville CS. You may have seen Allison working at Jim’s Great American for a length of time. Sisters Kerry, Kaitlyn and Allison are the daughters of Terry and Jackie Lane McGuire, who are newly retired school teachers, just in time for babysitting duty.

Happy Birthday to Stephanie Baker on Feb. 14. On Feb. 15 it is special Happy Birthday greetings to Judy Haskin. Happy Birthday on Feb. 16 to Alexandra, daughter of Luke and Shannon Holdridge. Happy Birthday to Betty O’Hara on Feb. 17 and perhaps we can all send Betty a birthday card at the Margaretville Nursing home. Happy Anniversary to John and Jane Lane on Feb. 14.

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