Wish everyone well and contentment in life. We all have something to be thankful for so let’s enjoy it.

Was in touch with Janet Brainerd after reaching out in a previous Scoop column about the A & P stores that used to be in Tannersville and other villages. Janet said she remembers one in Margaretville near Kelly’s Hotel across from the bank and there was also one in Cairo. Janet remembers working in a dress factory in Cairo, behind the Main Street, in the mid ‘50s while she was waiting, as a newlywed, for her papers to be approved to go to Germany where her husband George Haight was stationed in the U.S. Army. Never knew about this stage of Janet’s history until a few years ago when we were reminiscing about our previous times together. Now the dress factory in Cairo. Didn’t know there was ever one in Cairo. Do remember many dress factories being in Hunter and Tannersville, my mother worked in them. We do stay in touch now even if I have to give her a nudge in The Scoop.

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