PRATTSVILLE — With the Delta virus still hanging around, we are so thankful for our doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers. You are appreciated and we will keep you in our prayers.

Prattsville Still Afloat was a rousing success. Many were talking about how they enjoyed the Museum’s participation, the great music, food and the crafters. The vendors were thankful for their successful weekend. Chairman Melissa Peters do what all good ladies do, she enlisted the help of husband Matt and their children. Stay tuned for some startling information regarding Matt. Phew! Thank you for setting a good example and for giving so many a chance to support their causes. Hometown boy Franklin “Skip” Marquit was participating in the vendors section with his wide array of jewelry.

Legionnaires Bob Gurley and Kip Rikard took their monthly trip to the VAMC to deliver another supply of items for Voluntary Services, Recreation/Therapy and Veteran Mothers Program. Thank you to all who donated to those VA programs. The craft booth at the weekend festivities was successful and will provide wished for items for our veterans at Stratton VAMC. They would like trial size, single serving applesauce cups or pudding cups, single packs of Oreo cookies, single packs of fig newtons and small size juice boxes. Thank you.

From Claudia Bracaliello: “We have been home for a week from our 2 weeks in the Adirondacks at Rainbow Lake. There were Rainbow Trout in this lake in the distant past but now only bass. Ray thoroughly enjoyed himself fishing, and even catching a few. He will happily tell you how many, I’m afraid I didn’t keep track. Maynard and Ellie Vance visited for a couple of days and happily Maynard was able to clean and fillet a few of the fish. I made a Mediterranean fish stew one night that tasted pretty good. But most of the bass were thrown back. Our AF friends, Joanne and Len Dankey, who now live in Rochester, also visited for a couple of days. Ray was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get in and out of the boat with crutches, but I made it fairly easily. Only a few short periods of rain. We had a beautiful young red fox visit us one evening. Didn’t even seem very frightened of us, but looked very healthy.

The day after we were home we bopped down to the Red Hook area to see Heidi, Andy and Holly’s older daughter, her husband Owen and the two boys Felix and Oscar, along with Andy and Holly. Nice to see them all looking so well. Then we were back in the usual MD visits and work. Andy and Holly drove to the Adirondacks with them and Wendy and her family Thomas and Malcolm came along soon after they arrived there for their visit. So the families were able to reunion, even without Uncle Ray and Aunt Claudia.”

Happy Birthday to Stephanie Brainerd, daughter of Rich and Valerie Brainerd, and Jen Traver on Sept. 4. On Sept. 5 it is Happy Birthday to twins Rich Brainerd and Patti Gunther and Tom Dignam. We also wish Tom a return to good health. Geanine Eisel (isn’t Jim a lucky guy) is wished a very Happy Birthday on Sept. 7. Happy Anniversary to Jim and Roxie King on Sept. 9. On Sept. 8 we wish Alan and Sue Huggins a Happy Anniversary. Bob and Ginny Gurley are wished Happy Anniversary on their 65th, who is the saint in this partnership?

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