PRATTSVILLE — The frontline workers can never be thanked enough for their dedication to our health and well being during this pandemic — THANK YOU again. We wish you good health and safety also. Think fathers could also be included in this special group of caregivers. Thank you fathers.

The Gilboa Conesville Central School budget passed as did the propositions for funding for buses and the capital fund. Howard Matteson was reelected to the school Board of Education. It took five residents of the school communities five hours to verify and count the votes, more than 200. Mr. Etter said they were lucky because some of the school districts in the Albany area would be counting votes until Sunday, the 21st. They had more than 11,000 mail in votes to take care of.

Sympathy to the family of Robert (Bob) Tait of Little West Kill who died suddenly last week. There is added stress for the families of those dyeing at this time because so many of the ceremonies cannot be held. The Tait family have our condolences.

Nancy Barton, Director of the Prattsville Art Center, is making plans for some activity at the Art Center. Prior to official opening, Nancy plans to have window displays of local artisans’ crafts. If you have something that can be display and you want to get involved, let me now and I will pass the information on the Nancy. And when art centers are given the go ahead for visitors, there will be indoor displays for you to enjoy.

Hope you watched a New York bred horse, Tis The Law, win the Belmont Stakes. This is the first time since the 1880s that a New York horse has won the Belmont Stakes. New York Tough!!! Yes, we are.

Speaking of enjoying, The Prattsville Tavern is really looking good and adds a lot to the ambiance of Main Street. Outdoor dining is an amenity now being offered. The Prattsville Diner has tables with umbrellas outside for on-site dining. Very nice job Ken and Janelle Maurer. Just in time for the hot weather, and it has been hot but isn’t that what we begged for in May? The dry weather is necessitating watering the vegetable garden. Local restaurants/diners are offering take outs and outdoor dining and some have indoor dining with guidelines that must be followed.

Are many of you being overrun by gray, red and black squirrels, chipmunks and woodchucks? And you can throw in a lizard on the roof top. It was not a little salamander either, this was a large lizard.

Does anyone know a heating/plumbing repairman specializing in radiant heat? Please call 518-299-3219.

The American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 is making plans for a craft and yard sale possibly in August. Would enjoy suggestions and items for this event. Call 518-299-3219.

Happy Birthday to Billy Sutton on June 27. On June 28 Scarlett Baker, Billy’s granddaughter, is wished a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to Ginny Gurley on June 28. By the way, June 28 was the birthdate of Henry VIII. Not too happy with him — beheaded two distant cousins in the Howard family — Anne Boleyne and Catherine Howard. On July 1 we wish Barbara Rion a very Happy Birthday. Following in her husband’s footsteps, Anita Creazzo celebrates her birthday on July 2 — Happy Birthday Anita. On July 3 we wish Tammy Ramp Clark and John Lane Happy Birthday.

Send your birthday and anniversary dates to or call 518-299-3219. Due to family celebrations, there will be no Prattsville Scoop next week.

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