PRATTSVILLE — Thank you to all our healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers and all those who keep our lives on a somewhat even keel. But what type of person takes the tip jar from a local business that had been set out for our own essential workers? Shame on whoever you are. Karma is payback — remember that!

A public recognition of all the good deeds done by the late Millie Harkness, Prattsville’s long time Town Clerk, will take place at 11 a.m. Oct. 14 on the porch of the Pratt Museum. Franklin “Skip” Marquit, Millie’s son, is organizing this special event. Please try to attend this public “Thank you.”

Good news: Adriana Bifolco, granddaughter of Pat and Tony Bifolco, continues her good deeds. Even during the pandemic she finds the time and where withal to help. She worked hours assisting at her school handing our books to be distributed to those students being home schooled and at an animal clinic for cats and kittens.

Sad news — sympathy to the families of John Goettsche of Windham, WWII and Korean War veteran, and Barbara Landry. We are honored to have been classified as their friends. You will be missed. Our condolences to all.

The Pratt Museum is in the process of publishing their first ever quilt coloring book — and the first publication the museum has been able to resume publishing since the flood. It’s scheduled to go to press this week and should be ready shortly after that. The coloring book includes a brief history of the Palatines’ (Huguenots) migration to this area! They arrived in what was to become Ulster County in the late 1600s.

It was a perfect day for the graveside memorial services for Lunetta Hill which was well attended by family and friends. Daughter Irene and husband Art Sherman, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews, cousins and Lunetta’s friends of many years were there to pay their respects. Some shared their favorite remembrances of Lunetta. It was bittersweet for cousin Kip Rikard for he and Lunetta were the last of that generation of the Rappleyea family. Kip’s mother and Lunetta’s father were sister and brother.

Understand Claudia Bracaliello is chopping at the bit to get the Church organ on site at the Reformed Church. Claudia is our accomplished organist even with her foot in a rather ugly boot. Perhaps she should paint it her favorite color — red. There will be a public event for the opening of the Church and the date and time will be published. Perhaps Lance Wheeler will be there?

Shelly and Elliott are home from their road trip to the Maine coast and other points of interest. They said even with the new way of traveling and dining out, it was very much worth it. Heard some of the naughty girls had been in that area a few weeks ago but everything has been repaired and back in working order. Understand now why they didn’t want their news in The Scoop. Many others have recently been to that area and others are planning on visiting there soon.

Happy Birthday to Brian Young on Oct. 10. Billy Decker of Lexington is wished a Happy Birthday on Oct. 11. We send Happy Birthday wishes to Judy Chatfield in Oregon on Oct. 12. Twins Connie Constable and Becky Benson are wished Happy Birthday on Oct. 14. Happy Birthday to Fritzie Schmidt and Cathy Brainerd Martino on Oct. 14. Oct. 15 we wish Jan Martel and Lisa Zimmerman Happy Birthday. Happy Anniversary to Don and Theresa Speenburgh on Oct. 16.

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