PRATTSVILLE — Memorial Day. We pay tribute to those veterans who are no longer with us, either KIA, MIA, POW or dying in the arms of their loved ones. Thank you, thank you, rest in peace. It is up to us to make sure their sacrifices were not in vain and we honor and respect all they did for us. Freedom and Democracy.

Our veterans’ organizations made sure there were ceremonies in town recognizing the heroism of our soldiers. Thank you to all you participated in the Prattsville Military Tribute Banners, either organizing, funding, installing and most importantly to all those who served our country and have the honor to be so recognized. You are all beautiful in character and appearance. Heard some are making plans for a stroll through town to read each and every banner. Sounds like a worthwhile walk.

Got a call from a lady in Roxbury inquiring about the Tribute Banners program. She is in awe of Prattsville’s veterans programs, community spirit and activities. She said she enjoys visiting Prattsville and taking in the shops and the sights. Take a bow all of you who participate in our community in all its many areas.

Recent graduate Kaitlyn Cross-Greco is gainfully employed at Robinson Terrace. She has a caring heart and is touched by those in her care.

Legionnaires Kip Rikard and Bob Gurley made a delivery to the Stratton VAMC on Thursday. The VA is still restricted for visits and deliveries so it was just a matter of dropping off items for the Food Pantry and for the Women Veterans’ Baby Shower. That was an AM delivery and by early evening Cathy Martino and Dana Hommel delivered more boxes of the same type of items. Danny Rikard was another visitor with a donation for the veterans. The giving continues for our veterans and they are truly grateful. It will be a welcoming time when we can again delivery these items in person and get to visit our hospitalized veterans once again. Michele at the VA says all are anxious for in-person visits. You are invited to visit the VA with us when we get the OK.

Good to see Joann Haskin back at the register at Jim’s Great American. She is still recovering from an injured arm incurred in a stumbling episode. Oh yes, she also does double duty stocking shelves and general maintenance.

Happy Birthday to Jim Hull Jr. on June 5. On June 7 we wish Roseanne Cross and Bob Gurley (91) a very Happy Birthday. John Wilkins down in Florida is sent Happy Birthday wishes on June 8. Shannon Brainerd Holdridge, Brandon Haight and Peter Tocci are wished Happy Birthday on June 9. June 10 it is Happy Birthday wishes to Adam Brainard. Happy Birthday to Bradley Grant and Miranda Cross Koerner-Fox on June 11. Happy Anniversary to Peter and Marcia Gurley Tocci on June 10.

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