PRATTSVILLE — We Honor those who have secured our freedom, many paying with their own lives, and are no longer with us — thank you for your service. On May 31, we will pay you the respect and recognition you so rightly deserve. Your fellow veterans and a grateful Nation will acknowledge your service.

Memorial Day in Prattville, May 31 at 11:30 a.m. on the Prattsville Town Green under the auspices of American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327. The Legionnaires of Post 1327 have been working to bring the veterans and the public together so this day will not go without a ceremony. Please join them for this honor and next year may bring us together with all the usual pomp and circumstance.

Congratulations to Jeff Breigle or should we say Lt. Jeff Breigle. Jeff has been promoted to Lieutenant in NYS ENCON. It is nice to know Jeff because whenever you have a pesky environmental question, he was always able and willing to put you on the right path. Thank you. Congratulations Jeff.

The Lane cousins have a tradition of meeting periodically for a late afternoon ice cream social. They are able to keep their family updated on their own doings because they are spread out from Windham, Prattsville, to Oneonta and places in between, including Claudia Lane, Donnie and Connie Lane, Sandy and Larry Mattice. Sounds like fun and it is in person, not via technology.

The students at WAJ and their art teacher, our own Kristin Tompkins, have created a “Poppy Wall” to display in front of their school. There is also copies of “In Flanders Field” and “America’s Response” posted on either side. If you do not know “In Flanders Field” nor “America’s Response,” it is real easy to read it online and should be required reading for all.

National Poppy Day is May 28. The poppies are made by veterans and the proceeds are for the benefit of veterans. Poppies will be available on Memorial Day in Prattsville.

Many have responded to various requests to aid needy veterans, including female veterans, active military and our homeless veterans and supplies for the Christmas Celebration. The food pantry at the Stratton VAMC is in need of hearty/chunky soups, peanut butter (plastic containers), dry cereal and 3n1 body wash/shampoo. Thanks to Claudia and Ray Bracaliello, Shelly and Elliott Brainard, members of the East Jewett UMC, Bob and Ginny Gurley, Marianne and Johannes Krauss and special donor Jay Fink, WRIP

Speaking of love — there is nothing better that familial love. Cousin Barbara Drum Dodge called and is as her usual “Hello, this is your cousin” to start off an hour’s conversation. This time a break was needed for her to answer another phone call. But the conversation took up where it left off for another 30 minutes. And she really does know we share at least 100 cousins but always know it is Barbara. A pool party was discussed to include more local, or is that loco, cousins.

JimMGees will be opening at noon on May 28. This year the days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Something to look forward to and really enjoy. Thanks Eisels.

Happy Birthday to Barbara Vetter, Steve Baker, Ann Robinson and Mason Chase on May 29. On May 30 we wish Roxie Mudge King a very Happy Birthday. Beverly Hull Gockel and Gene Brainerd are wished a very Happy birthday on June 1. Happy Birthday to Peg Young and Katherine Howard on June 4.

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