PRATTSVILLE – Thank you to all our healthcare and essential workers. You are our Valentine Sweethearts, and our heroes.

Feb. 17 is Ash Wednesday and we prepare for Lenten season. With that in mind: Fish Fry at the Hensonville Firehouse, beginning Ash Wednesday and every Friday during Lent 4-8 p.m. Feb. 19 through April 2, Good Friday. Call 518-734-3040 to pre-order. Menu: Fish/Chicken tenders/Clams, French Fries or Baked Potato/Coleslaw/dinner roll/brownie. $10 per dinner. TAKE OUT ONLY and masks are required inside the building while you pick up your order. Your order pickup will be in the truck bay so there will be space to social distance. Thank you.

Ginny Kennedy took good friend Pat Smith out to take care of some errands. You never outgrow friendships. Pat and Ginny worked together for years at Lutz Insurance.

Speaking of friends/fellow columnist – Lula Anderson. Lula gave an update on her fender bender. She wanted to move the detour sign and it was too heavy for her so she moved it with her car – unplanned of course. She was not harmed and the car is now repaired and she is once more on the road. Good thing because she has a lot of errands to do. She said she has new neighbors across Route 23 but she doesn’t have any information to share. Lula continues to be the drop-off point for all items that can be reused or put to some good use. We know that can take up lots of time and we thank Lula for her good deeds, and her sunny positive outlook.

Had some phone conversations with friends who we can’t meet in person Cathy Martino and Dana Hommel and Nancy and Louie Kyzima. Cathy and Dana are sheltering in place, except for church and doctor’s appointments. Nancy sticks pretty close to home and Lou continues his postal duties. Do miss our get togethers with them. Dana and Louie are members of our favorite group – the veterans. We thank them for their service and wish them good health.

Nothing going on or perhaps you are just not sharing. Any activity is welcome. Most of the retirees are filling up their time with annual doctors’ appointments. That is the sum of their socializing and that is not very exciting.

Happy Birthday to fellow columnist and good friend Dottie Pickett on Feb. 20. Ken Aurigema is wished a Happy Birthday on Feb. 24. We need your birthday and anniversary dates.

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