PRATTSVILLE — Doris Pasternak of the Prattsville Hotel has been a busy lady. She had guests for a number of days last week. A friend and sister-in-law of the North Country, Lewis County, stayed some time with her. Friends and family are always a way of making it through the winter days. Can’t say our winter days have been the kind that induce Cabin Fever so Doris’ guests were there for the enjoyment of all. Doris also said her brother-in-law of that area also could use some get well prayers. They go out to him.

Marianne Krauss reached a milestone year this past Jan. 20 and she didn’t let one minute of the day go by without family, friends and fun. She played hostess to Cathy Martino and Ginny Gurley for lunch. In the evening the Krausses were hosts to Carrie and Bob Hermance, Bob and Ginny Gurley and Dana Hommel and Cathy Martino. The restaurant was very accommodating and didn’t shoo them out the door after dinner but let them continue to talk and laugh for some time. A good time was had by all. Marianne did receive some bling for birthday from Johannes.

Classmates, Gilboa Class of ’57, Pete Rossi, Dottie Pickett and Ginny Gurley, had breakfast together on Sunday morning. Finally got the eldest to admit to being the oldest. We aren’t saying who it was but it wasn’t Pete or Ginny. Oops — you can surmise the rest. Dottie picked up a laprobe for a veteran in a VA facility in Montrose. His favorite color is blue and Dottie was able to pick out a laprobe that was made mostly of blues. Thank you for the afghan Ann Shoemaker. You never know when the kindness you do will fill the special wishes of a veteran, or others. Thank you Lexington UMC, JoEllen Schermerhorn, Dottie and Louise for your donations to our hospitalized veterans.

Kathy Oakley Alle stopped by to pick up the plaque with her late brother’s name and his other pertinent information engraved on it. James Oakley, U.S. Army, was killed in action in Vietnam and the Greene County Vietnam Veterans Association made sure he and his service were not forgotten. The family also received a large Gold Star (KIA) flag. To the Oakley family, you have our gratitude and we are so thankful for James’ service. Our County Legislator James Thorington is his nephew. Kathy is also a caregiver for a local veteran and they have a common thread because of this. But Kathy is the sort who has a special connection to all in her care — always decorating for the season or current holiday, looking out for those little things that make you feel you are not a patient but a friend.

Donnie Speenburgh is making a trip to the Stratton VAMC on Feb. 5. In addition to his appointment, he will be delivering items to Jjm Keller of Voluntary Services. If anyone would like to sends some items with him, the timing will work out perfectly, getting them to the Gurleys by Feb. 4. Food items in non glass containers are always welcome. Peanut butter, jelly, pasta, pasta sauce, microwaveable meals and soups, etc.

Happy birthday to Eva Irwin and her niece Gail Peckham on Feb. 1. On Feb. 5 we wish Happy Birthday to Ray Bracaliello and Luke James Haight, Janet Brainerd’s great grandson. On Feb. 7 we wish Janet Brainerd a very Happy Birthday, she can celebrate it with Luke. Would like some pictures of that birthday party — Becky?

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