PRATTSVILLE — As always, we thank our doctors, nurses, all healthcare workers, and essential workers. You are appreciated.

Good news from the West Coast — Oregon. The Chatfield sisters, Judy and Janet, say the fires in their area are under control and the air is smoke free. So happy for them. The autumn is beautiful there and is Judy’s favorite time of year, and their “Gala” apples abundant, resulting in spiced apple chips, applesauce, pies and other apple dishes. Their fortunate family and friends have been recipients of the bounty. The ladies’ vegetable garden was also very productive this year, unlike around here. Judy continues to make blocks for her Covid-19 quilt and hope she sends pictures when it is done. Stay well Janet, Judy and GiGi.

Jeff Breigle is to be congratulated on his promotion within the Department of Conservation. Jeff has always been generous with his knowledge of wildlife, both flora and fauna, in our area. Congratulations Jeff and thanks for your educational help in the past. Wife Lana, Jeff and daughters Laura and Adrianne are dabbling in poultry farming, well if you can have a farm with just eight chickens. They are getting eggs daily and it was apropos that the first egg was laid on Labor Day. If any of you have had truly fresh eggs, you will have noticed a difference in color and texture and taste.

Previous Prattsville resident Steve Ramundo recently made a visit to Prattsville. He was delivering some crafting/sewing items donated by wife Kathy for the benefit of our veterans. Kathy and Steve are both retired and enjoying their free time. In the past, they had a three month extended tour of parts of the United States. That is what retirement is all about.

Diana and Arnold Jaeger were at Shelly and Elliott Brainard’s taking advantage of the abundance of grapes on the Brainard vines. Wonder if it will be jelly or, with the fires in California destroying so many vineyards, will it be wine?

Johannes and Marianne Krauss spent time at a road race in Limerock a few weekends ago. Marianne said it was the first and last of the year for Johannes and he did place 3rd and that is nothing to complain about.

Hey Baker girls (Stephanie and Samantha) the name of the mystery squash purchased at RSK Farms was called Sunshine. Samantha, you probably did have it right in the many examples you were able to come up with on your iPad. Get your winter vegetable supplies now at RSK Farms. It is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach when visiting their farm stand. A brisk trade was taking place there on Sunday. We need more local vendors and you are encouraged to support them.

Families with children are using Conine Field for safe and healthy activities. Miranda Briggs, with mom Connie, had Miranda and Curtis’ children, Dean, Kinsley and Addison, and Shannon Brainerd Holdridge was also there with her children Avery and Alexandra, and other friends were there for a fresh air afternoon. Dog walkers, walkers, fishermen and women, athletes, and play groups were all using Conine Field for some outdoor recreation. The athletes had to set up one of the soccer goals that Wednesday’s wind had blown over.

Happy Birthday to McKenzie Constable on Oct. 19. Time to wish Joanne Dunphy a Happy Birthday on Oct. 21. Diana and Arnold Jaeger can forward our Happy Birthday wishes to granddaughter Ursula Jaeger on Oct. 23 out in the mid-West.

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