PRATTSVILLE — As Memorial day is approaching, we are also sending thanks to our veterans, wherever you are, and especially to our local veterans who secured and continue to maintain our freedoms. Thank you one and all.

Memorial Day ceremony will be held at 11:30 a.m. Monday in Prattsville at the Town Green under the auspices of the American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327. Those wishing to attend are more than welcome to be there to observe the raising of the Flag with the accompanying traditional observances. Plans could not be made in time for the usual parade, speeches and customary rituals but the day will not be without honors for our fallen soldiers.

Thank you to all the faithful supporters of our veterans who contributed to the Poppy Program and which will continue until the end of May, with May 28 being the official Poppy Day of the USA. All proceeds will benefit programs for the veterans in our area and the Stratton VAMC, especially at Christmas time. Still looking for Christmas material to be used for gift bags for VA Christmas Celebration. Perhaps Christmas 2021 will be one where we can have an in-person visit with the veterans to cheer everyone’s spirits. Half-yard increments are acceptable. Thank you.

Jim’s Great American and Youngs’ Ace Hardware and all of Prattsville had a banner weekend, including Poppy Distribution for our veterans by the American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327. Did you know Peg Young is Virgil’s first cousin once removed and many are his second cousins. Blood lines are fascinating. Pratt Rock Park is already having a banner year. Sometimes the small parking lot there is filled up and the hikers are making the climb to the top to enjoy the view and the carvings.

It certainly feels like spring is finally here but remember last year’s snow storm in May. But then again, who really wants to remember much of anything of 2020.

Nick Cross, US Marine stationed in Japan, is keeping close connections with his family in Stamford, including Mom Krista, Dad Michael, sister Brianna and sister Miranda and brother-in-law Forrest and his four week old nephew Waylon. Waylon was four weeks premature and just tips the scales at only six pounds, but he is indeed perfect, so says his great-great-great aunt. Uncle Nick in regaling his family with the daily temperature there of about 80 degrees, sunny weather and great beach recreational scenes.

A group of ladies, including 13 American Legion Auxiliary members and three guests, enjoyed an evening out of dining at the Brandywine. Lots of exchanging of news and laughter. All enjoyed this night out after so many months of restrictions and health guidelines were observed. Some had travel plans for the next few weeks and we wish them a pleasant and relaxing time — especially because it involves time with family, which we have sorely missed.

Happy Birthday to Rudy Ehlers on May 23. David Lane is wished a Happy Birthday on May 26. On May 27 Jim Dymond is wished a Happy Birthday.

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