PRATTSVILLE — May the spirit of Easter continue to bring you hope and joy.

Continued thank you greetings go out to our medical personnel, first responders, essential workers and all those who are just trying to hang on.

Sympathy to the family of Tammy Robinson, recently deceased. Tammy was a doting mother and a super proud grandmother. With Tammy you never had to wonder if she had some family incidents and pictures of her grandchildren to share. Her love and presence will be missed.

Please continue to follow guidelines, i.e. wear masks, social distance and avoid large crowds. Families were able to have their members for a shortened visit and small dinner parties. Just be careful.

The American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 will hold its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. April 13 at the Prattsville Town Hall. Poppy distribution will be discussed. Please attend as the Unit is trying to get back to a some what normal schedule.

The Barrys of Conesville are back from a distant visit with family in one of the mid-Atlantic coast states. It was truly a joyous occasion – they had not seen them for about one year. Glad for all the family.

Marianne and Johannes Krauss entertained daughter Stefanie and husband Brian and grandsons Ray and Hayden. Johannes got to experience the joy? of having Ray take him out for a driving lesson. Johannes reported Ray did not scare him even once. Wait until next time.

The Elliott and Michele Brainard family visited son Adam and wife Kelly and their guests for an Easter family dinner. Good for them.

Heard good things in regards to the Fish Fry at the Hensonville Fire Hall. The amount of food and its flavor were both receiving A+ ratings. Maybe it can be sponsored again before next Easter.

Cathy Martino and Marianne Krauss took a shopping trip to Albany recently. Some of their time was spent looking for ideas in the craft stores for future Easter Egg hunts.

Heard from Sylvia Dymond Haynes in the Oneonta area. She is still working on history of Halcott and all the many Halcotts — Halcottsville, Halcott Center, etc. She was looking for verification of a road that went over the mountain on Beech Ridge past the old Minew, etc. farms. I just remember it as the road to Halcott, no name. It has been closed for years for vehicle traffic and it might be used now for the snowmobile club. Glen Howard, perhaps you have some information on this tidbit of minutiae.

Debbie and Steve Baker must have thought they were losing their fame for hospitality. Out of town guests for Easter were only Dennis and Mary Barry Baker. Usually the Bakers’ home is bursting at the seams with their happy visitors so to play host to only two visitors is quite a shock.

Saw Pat Smith out and about. It was a rather springlike day that she was taking advantage of with a little jaunt.

Claudia Bracaliello is not playing the organ at the present time and it will be many weeks until she will be able to do so. She needs some down time to let those muscles and joints recover.

Happy Birthday on April 11 to Crystal Cornell and Gabriella Ramundo, daughter of Matt and Erica. And on April 12 we wish that sweetheart Clarence Soule a very Happy Birthday. Ashleigh Jaeger is wished a Happy Birthday on April 13.

Please send your news, birthdays and anniversaries to or call 518-299-3219.

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