Honoring veterans throughout the year

Nicholas Cross

PRATTSVILLE — Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Enjoy the reason for the season. Hope some of you were up at 7 a.m. Sunday morning. The sky was crocheted in pink clouds from one horizon to the other. Awe inspiring. Did you notice the days are getting a little longer? Winter solstice was Dec. 21.

Doris Pasternak is a very proud grandmother. Her grandson from the Stamford area is working towards his Eagle rank in the Boy Scouts and he chose veterans’ support as part of his program. He was tasked with doing research on Jimmy Stewart, the actor and World War II veteran. Both Doris and her grandson were impressed with Stewart’s war history. “He was quite a guy,” were Doris’ words of summation on him. We should all do a bit of reading on the history of those who served and serve today. Think all of them are worthy of a biography. See Nick Cross’s picture and last week’s Scoop. Doris’ grandson has also done some work at VA clinics. Thank you.

Don’t know what Jim Eisel has that others don’t, but a gentleman from Stamford is a weekly shopper at Jim’s Great American. Glen said he and his family were originally from Stamford but moved to Sag Harbor for his wife’s job. She is now retiring so they will soon be moving back to Stamford. He was a bit frazzled — making three trips to the New York City area airports to pick up his various children. What are dads for if not offering taxi service? Glen and family, enjoy the holidays.

Correction for the Richie and Valerie Brainerd family tree. J.J. is their great-grandson. Just didn’t seem right that they would have a great-grandchild but they do, and Richie is enjoying it to the fullest. Due to a back ailment Richie is using a motorized scooter and J.J. is learning all the buttons. Grandchildren bring new experiences to your life. Valerie just keeps smiling through all the many chores she has taken on.

Connie and Donnie Lane, Marianne Krauss, Cathy Martino and Ginny Gurley were Christmas shoppers in Oneonta on Friday. They also had a chance to say hello to Bonnie Sutton Holdridge, one-time resident of our area.

Christmas gifts for 50 hospitalized veterans were delivered to the Stratton VAMC on Monday by faithful volunteers from our area. Many of the familiar faces are no longer there but we were able to start new friendships and pick new favorites. Also, many needy and homeless veterans will now be able to withstand the hardships of winter weather. Their Christmas will be extended to Jan. 15 when at least six adaptive skiers, veterans from Stratton VAMC Recreation and Therapy Unit, will have their skiing sponsored by the American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 and their lunches will be bought by the American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327.

Happy birthday to Jane Lane, Janice Cross and Joann Haskin on Dec. 18. On Dec. 29 we send happy birthday wishes to Dorothy Case, way out there in Missouri. We also wish Eileen Rossiter and Jerry Raeder happy birthday on Dec. 29. It is happy birthday to Debbie Baker, Diana Jaeger, Kory O’Hara and Sandy Kiley on Dec. 30. Dan McGlynn is wished happy birthday on Dec. 31. On Jan. 1 we wish Janet Chatfield Syska and Carli Ann O’Hara a happy birthday. On Jan. 2 it is a very happy birthday to Lana Breigle. Jan. 3 it is happy birthday wishes to Bailee Lorraine Osborn and Ursula Gurley Lindley. Happy anniversary wishes go to Ray and Claudia Bracaliello on Dec. 31.

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