PRATTSVILLE — A very healthy and happy New Year. May good health and happiness stay with you all of 2020.

Alicia, daughter of Shelly and Elliott Brainerd, has been visiting family and friends for her annual Christmas visit. This year it will run a little longer so she can stay and be in attendance for her brother Adam’s ceremony for his promotion in the Greene County Sheriff’s Department. Congratulations Adam. Enjoy your stay Alicia.

Kathy Traver Brody was in town Sunday to spend some special time with mom Sandy. Sandy is always smiling but when any of her children are around, that smile gets more brilliant.

Dottie Pickett is doing yet another favor for someone. They, and she, are looking for a hat with Prattsville Fire Department logo on it. A new member of a local fire department has the last name of Pratt and the other firemen thought it would be an appropriate welcoming gift to give him a hat with “Pratt”sville on it. Anyone aware of the this possibility?

Speaking of Prattsville expanding. Population has increased by ONE and a very welcome ONE she is. Debbie Carman Colliton has bought a home on Washington Street. She has been trying for the past two years to buy a home in Prattsville and she has finally done it. Debbie grew up on Main Street and this is a real homecoming for her. Welcome home Debbie.

Hank and Ann Oliver made it to town before the weather prevented them from enjoying their meal at the Diner on Sunday, not sure what they will do on Monday or Tuesday. Ann said due to sickness in the family their Christmas dinner crowd was cut down by half. Now she is trying to get rid of the all the leftovers, you can only eat so much scalloped potatoes and ham. Any ideas for leftover ham? Hank is still sticking to his gourmet meal — cheerios and milk — so he doesn’t have any ideas. Ann is still crocheting lap robes for the hospitalized veterans and working on her quilts. She still does the quilting by hand. Am in awe of that.

Heard the news that Jody, daughter of Darlene and Randy Briggs, is the new owner of Sundaes in Grand Gorge. We wish her the very best. Hope she is taking advantage of Darlene’s expertise in the kitchen. She has worked at the Grand Gorge BOCES for years in the culinary department plus she and sister-in-law Jackie handled the concession stand at the Prattsville ball field for many summers. The food and prices were all you could ask for and perhaps they can give Jody some hints. Good luck.

As a young mother Miranda Briggs was shopping Sunday morning for her children’s breakfast. Dean, Kinsley and Addison were waiting at home with Dad Curtis for Mom to bring home the bacon. Miranda said she would be back later in the day for food for the other meals. Children are always hungry. Tom Dignam was a Christmas day breakfast guest at the Gurley’s. Tom was on his way to visit daughter Veronica for Christmas but he made time to fortify himself before his trip downstate.

Happy Birthday to Diane Cammer Eklund and Debbie Carmen on Jan. 4. We wish Kimberly Jaeger a very Happy Birthday on Jan. 11. Also on Jan. 11 we wish brothers, not twins, Micha and Liam Truesdell a great Happy Birthday. Notice that there are no anniversaries in January, or at least you haven’t sent that information to me.

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