PRATTSVILLE – Thank you to all our health care workers, doctors, nurses and all others who are willing to put their own lives on the line to take care of those who are suffering. Remember that the next time when you don your mask, you, too, could be saving lives and easing the load of those health care workers. We have a number of nurses in our town and family members working in some area of health care living in other communities who are walking into danger every day. May 16 is Armed Forces Day and we need to thank them every day, especially this year.

Hoping you enjoyed your Mother’s Day with phone calls and drop-off gifts. And if conditions were favorable, some face to face loving wishes.

Kip Rikard will be celebrating his 90th birthday this year. “At 1 p.m. May 17, his family are going to have a ‘drive by’ birthday party for our Uncle, Clifford ‘Kip’ Rikard, who will be turning 90. It will be held at Law Offices of David A. Rikard, 14602 Main St., Prattsville, rain or shine! We will ask that all well wishers drive down Firehouse Drive (road to new firehouse) to honk their horns, hoot ‘n holler, grab a birthday cupcake, and add to Kip’s Card Shower!! That way, all can safely turn around at the new firehouse. Kip, who is a Korea War era veteran and lifelong local resident, claims that this mile stone will make him the longest lived Rikard (yet) in recorded history!”

Kip was so unsure of his reaching this milestone that last year, an 89th Birthday Party was held for him at the Prattsville Hotel attended by many friends, family, fellow legionnaires and veterans. Kip is a member of the American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 and a supporter of his fellow veterans. Nieces Valerie and Tristan and nephew Dave are extending this invitation. Happy Birthday Kip. Another party for your 91st?

Kudos to the Rikard Clan who did highway cleanup for Rikard Law Office stretch of highway on Route 23 a week ago. Dan Rikard, Sam Rikard, Jamison Rikard, Dave Rikard, of course, and of course, Valerie. Fortunately, the weather was much better than it is now and the job was well done!!

To give you a chuckle, submitted by Claudia Bracaliello:

— Gonna ask my mom if that offer to slap me into next year is still on the table.

— All these people are worrying about a baby boom in the next nine months. Two days of homeschooling should nip that right in the bud! — Quarantine Day 37. I’ve started taking calls from telemarketers. Some of them are actually quite nice. Jamar from Superior Life Insurance has a new baby.

— My wife and I play this fun game during quarantine. It’s called, “Why Are You Doing It That Way?” There are no winners.

Mary and Ronnie Cline are doing well. Listening to Mary and others in quarantine, think we have the cleanest houses ever. Ann Shoemaker said daughter Sharon Huggins has been making wellness checks with her almost daily and delivering food. Daughter Gail and husband send care packages filled with goodies.

Happy Birthday to Janice Cammer on May 16. On May 18 we send Happy Birthday wishes to Hank Oliver, Robert C. Rion and Kip Rikard. Kristin Tompkins is wished Happy Birthday on May 19. Steve and Erin O’Hara Meyer are wished Happy Anniversary on May 21.

Please send news to or 518-299-3219.

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