Babies and hearing from far-off friends

Contributed photoDebut of Waylon Clifford Koerner-Fox on April 22. Parents Miranda and Forrest.

PRATTSVILLE — Thank you to all our healthcare professionals, first responders, essential workers and support staff. You are appreciated. We owe you our thanks every day.

Welcome good news. Forrest and Miranda Cross Koerner-Fox are new parents, welcoming Waylon Clifford on April 22, at 5 lbs. 11 oz. and measuring 20 inches, 4 weeks early. Both Waylon and mom will be recuperating at home with Grandpa Michael and Grandma Krista Cross, helping with baby and Mommy care. Michael and Krista are first time grandparents and will be at the ready with love and assistance. Congratulations to all.

From Judy and Janet Chatfield: “Hi Ginny and Friends back home: We both got our Covid vaccines. Janet is busy planting her raised beds. We are having nice weather in the high 60s mid 70s and even hit 80 a few days. This past winter we had a horrible ice storm and our huge tree in the front lawn was uprooted. It landed the full length of our front yard taking down our white fence and two smaller trees. The tree was right outside my bedroom window so I am very thankful it didn’t come through the house. Janet’s son and family cut the tree up, chipped the limbs and cleaned up the mess. I am still working on my Covid quilt. I’m sewing the embroidered squares together and my batting just arrived so I’ve got lots of work to do. GiGi is so happy to be outside and enjoys sunning herself in our backyard. She still rules the roost. Janet is planning on having a knee replaced on April 30th. I know she would be happy to receive get well wishes. I’ll be the “nurse” and GiGi will assist me. Hope everyone is safe and well. Happy spring to everyone. Love and best wishes from the Oregon Gals Judy, Janet and GiGi.” Janet’s address: Janet Syska, 9209 SW Talawa Court 97062-9352.

Dottie Pickett and Joyce DeVivo stopped by to take some flowers. Dottie took some home to share with friend Barbara Diemold. Dottie and Barbara were gratified to have some flowering plants and bulbs to fill in bare spots. Joyce took only a few bulbs. Joyce in return brought some seedlings to share.

Debbie and Jessica from Conesville stopped by and took a carload, I mean a carload, of plants and bulbs home to be transplanted. Very thankful.

Do any of you crafters/quilters, etc. have leftover Christmas fabric from your latest projects? Our faithful donor of previous years who supplied all our Christmas material is not feeling up to par and we need to start thinking of our supply. Multiple yards of the same Christmas pattern are welcome. Do not like metallic thread in material as it gums up the iron and dulls the needle.

Cathy Martino and Ginny Gurley made a trip to Albany to pick up craft items and Christmas material for the benefit of local and hospitalized veterans. Last year the distribution of the Poppies by the American Legion Auxiliary was cancelled due to the pandemic. This year with all members being vaccinated and following health guidelines, they will again be distributing poppies at Jim’s Great American every Tuesday and at other days and times as warranted. Please support the Poppy Program, proceeds go to the direct benefit of our veterans.

Happy Birthday to Sheila Sutton and Carrie Hermance on May 4. On May 6 we wish Medora Kizyma Soule a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to Shelly Brainard on May 7.

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