PRATTSVILLE — As always, we thank our frontline workers for their dedication and excellent care. Remember, in treating us they are putting themselves at risk and some have lost their lives to the virus. Think smart, wear a mask, social distance and stay safe and healthy for all of us.

Barbara Landry would like to mention that Chris Martin has also been very kind to her. Chris now lives in Grand Gorge but many of us have had Chris lend a helping hand.

Speedy recovery wishes go out to Lou Schmidt, Traphagen’s Honey, of Hunter. Lou suffered an injury to his knee and is now healing under the nursing care of wife Fritzie. It was just a little while ago that those roles were reversed. Nothing like sharing health care in a marriage.

Bob Gurley Jr. and Jen Traver visited Devon Gurley and Rose Wilson and daughters Arabella and Adrianna in Cherry Valley on Saturday. The visit was in honor of Arabella’s second birthday. All enjoyed a barbecue and the great outdoors. They also stopped to see Isaac and Nadine Gurley Huntsman. Nadine and Isaac are both nurses and are working long hours at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown. Just an aside, the virus is still active in our area so do take care. Jen’s son Javen Traver was treated to a family birthday dinner recently. It is good to have something to celebrate.

American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 Commander Chris Tompkins and Membership Chairman Johannes Krauss attended a necessary meeting of the Greene County American Legion in Greenville last weekend. The meeting was held in Greenville American Legion’s outdoor pavilion and masks were worn.

Tom Dignam dropped off cloth Christmas gift bags made by his late wife Betty. They had been put aside some time ago and forgotten or overlooked. As with all of us, this has been a time of cleaning closets and getting rid of the things you no longer use. Tom and daughter Ronnie found the gift bags and donated them to the future? Christmas Celebration at the VA. They will be used eventually for our hospitalized heroes. Thank you Tom and Ronnie, and thank you Betty for starting us on this Christmas gift volunteer project. Keep watching over us. Tom and Ronnie also donate Christmas material for our auxiliary members, mostly Pat Minew, to make our Christmas gift bags. Everything helps.

Heard from Larry Hill in Missouri who let me know that his mom Lunetta Hill had at one time also worked at Greendell Packing. Lunetta will soon be in possession of those pictures of the Greendell packing line and will have fond memories of those olden times. Enjoy them Lunettta.

You have too much time on your hands when you watch Arsenic and Old Lace for the umpteenth time. It did serve to keep you from thinking about all the bad news and provide some laughs at the silliness of the situation.

Speaking of bad news, have you had an increase in those robo calls. Five in one day, practically back to back calling. Too much even if you do not answer them.

Happy Birthday to Stan Sutton Jr. on Aug. 3. On Aug. 4 we wish Miranda Briggs and Bobby Rion Happy Birthday. Jeffrey Gonzales is wished a very Happy Birthday on Aug. 5. You will recognize Jeffrey as a friendly face at the Windham Pharmacy. A very Happy Anniversary wish is sent to Emily and Richie Morse on Aug. 1.

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