PRATTSVILLe — Salute the Flag on Flag Day, June 14. Honor, and more of it, should have been given to those who participated in and/or gave all on June 6, 1944, D-Day. We thank them, and all military members, for their service.

The Prattsville 5 had reason to gather in the afternoon on Thursday, the 4th. Seems that an automobile got away from the driver from another area town and ended up in the Schoharie Creek near O’Hara’s Service Station. It caused such a trauma to Janice Cammer, Diane Cammer Eklund, Mary O’Hara, Ann O’Hara and Debbie Carman Colliton that they betook themselves to Debbie’s home to calm their nerves with liberal libations of “the recipe.” Thankfully the driver was not harmed but haven’t heard of the health of the Prattsville 5 at the end of afternoon spent at Debbie’s. Multiple emergency vehicles responded to this incident without further critical care.

A quiet family dinner was held in honor of Bob Gurley’s 90th birthday. Promises were made for a large celebration to take place when more social interaction can take place, but Bob has been celebrating for the past year. On his 89th birthday last June 7, he was acknowledged for his military service (Korean War MASH) on Channel 13 We Salute You, followed that evening with a birthday cake at the Greene County American Legion meeting. In November 2019 he was chosen as Greene County Veteran of the Year with the ceremony taking place in Catskill. He thanks all who called, sent cards and wished him Happy Birthday. Many were able to wish him Happy Birthday in person.

Ann and Co., hair salon of Prattsville, is now open for business with certain restrictions and guidelines that must be followed. Call 518-727-0429 for an appointment and instructions. No more shaggy locks.

Please read this with caution and/or skepticism. Heard from a reader outside our area that they read that two mountain lions had been released in Prattsville. If so, hope they get some coyotes for dinner.

Enjoyed a phone call from Barbara Drum Dodge of Ashland. She was calling to track down some family information. Barbara and Abby share great-grandparents, Erastus and Rosalie Haner Deyo, and their grandmothers were sisters — Emma Deyo Drum and Martha Deyo Howard.

Also got a phone call from Jane (Joe) Concato of New Jersey. They are second home owners in our area and are planning on becoming full time residents as soon as their present home is sold. The Concatos are people we welcome to our area. When asked why they didn’t hide out in seclusion during the pandemic in their mountain home, they replied why put a strain on our limited resources and their docors were right at hand. Their area was hit hard with the corona virus and we thank them for watching out for our health and safety. Jane also lamented the death of the 27 veterans at a VA nursing home close to them. Jane’s late father was a WWII veteran and we thank him for his service.

Happy Birthday to Charlie Rion of Mosquito Point on June 13. On June 14 we wish Michael Piccoli a very Happy Birthday — want some fireworks to enjoy, Lacey Brand is wished Happy Birthday on June 15. Gerald Mark Mead is sent Happy Birthday wishes on June 16. On June 18 we wish Sandy Traver and Alan Huggins Happy Birthday. Happy Anniversary to Roberta and Jim Hull on June 13. On June 16 we wish Kenny and Janelle Maurer a very Happy Anniversary.

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