Prattsville — Have a great New Year. The Christmas Season this year continues to Jan. 12, so enjoy your Christmas and holiday decorations for a few more days.

Deb and Bill McCuller made a trip to Kingston and ended up dining at Deb’s favorite eating establishment, MidHudson Chinese Buffet. They were in Kingston for vehicle checkup. Two complaints by Deb, eating too much and the traveling distance. While there they met up with the Gurleys who were restocking the shelves after the holidays. All wished the restaurant was somewhat closer.

Congratulations again Adam Brainard on your promotion. You are indeed a hometown (Prattsville) boy.

The “girls” were out for lunch on Thursday at the Prattsville Tavern for super sandwiches and extras. Lana, Laura and Adrianna Breigle, Marianne Krauss, Cathy Martino and Ginny Gurley. More time was spent talking than eating. Plans are already underway for the next get-together. Cathy and Dana Hommel were in Prattsville on Saturday delivering the extra bread from Bread Alone. It is shared with parishioners of many churches. Thank you Cathy and Dana.

Darlene Mattice had her mom Gloria out on Sunday. Darlene is an EMT with the Ashland Rescue Squad and didn’t get home until the early morning hours. She figured she might as well stay up and took her mom to church at the Ashland UMC and then the ladies had breakfast at the Prattsville Diner. Darlene made sure everyone there got a hug and kiss and Happy New Year greetings. It was a picker upper for sure. Darlene is continuing her education in the medical field and we wish her success. She did admit it was harder than she had thought it was going to be. Good luck.

Get well wishes go out to Hank Gockel, husband of our Postmaster Linda. Our prayers are with them both.

Boo hoo — the Buffalo Bills are out of the race for Super Bowl. Some day.

Alisa Brainard has returned to Wilmington, NC. She was able to see her brother Adam at his ceremony for Under Sheriff.

Abigail Tompkins has made America’s Girls Softball Team. Funds are being raised for her trip to Europe. She will be competing in many countries so financial support is necessary. If you ever saw Abby pitch during her high school days, you know she is well qualified for this honor. Believe there is a Go Fund Me page for this cause. Let’s send Abby to Europe.

Did you note the announcement that there is a coffee hour, or two, at Robinson Terrace 7-9 a.m. every Friday. Believe our own special Carrie (Mrs. Bob) Hermance of Lexington is in charge of this. The establishment is lucky to have her because she just takes the lead and carries through for the benefit of her clients. Know it is early for those who can take advantage of this but give it a try. Can remind veterans at this time that there is breakfast at Ambrosia Diner, Catskill, at 9 a.m., sponsored by the Honeyford Memorial American Legion Post 110, Catskill. World War II and Korean War veterans will be their guests. It is a time of comradeship and friendship. All veterans and their families are invited at their own expense. Give it a try. Having attended, know you will enjoy it.

Get ready to take your sweetie out for dinner on Feb. 14. The Lexington UMC has the answer of where to go. Their annual TGIF Brooks BBQ will take place on that day. More precise information to follow.

Happy Birthday to Brian Dibble, Karen and Ken Aurigema’s son-in-law, on Jan. 14. Michael O’Hara is wished Happy Birthday on Jan. 17.

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