PRATTSVILLE — Can’t wait until I reach Eva Irwin’s age. What a fabulous birthday celebration she had last week and it will continue on into next week.

Started off with multiple trips to Oneonta. Daughter Laurel took her shopping with Vasta’s as the designated dining spot but it was closed so they chose Sundae’s and they were not disappointed. Had a delicious early dinner. Then a few days later niece Sylvia and son David and wife Dorothy took her to Oneonta again, this time dining at Panera’s. In the meantime gifts and phone calls poured in. Daughter Tammy and husband John took Eva to dinner at Brandywine while grandsons Collin and Jacob went ski boarding. Then all of them enjoyed a lasagna dinner, with a birthday cake, at Eva’s, the old Truesdell homestead, including son David and wife Dorothy. Granddaughter Brianna and son Anthony also made birthday visits. Grandsons Joshua and Aaron also made phone calls, visits and sent gifts.

On Sunday, the day after Eva’s birthday, Sylvia and Laurel spent the day with Eva. Nephew Zack Truesdell stopped by with birthday gift of a wall plaque, in memory of Eva’s late husband Don, and also a pendant with Don’s picture featured. Wow! Niece Gail Peckham, who shares the birthdate with Eva, called to make arrangements for a mutual birthday dinner this week.

Eva enjoys watching the birds and the activity at Rennells’ Bear Pen Ski Bowl. They go by her house in the sled and they have promised to stop by and take her for a ride. That is on her Bucket List. She received flowers, cakes, fruits, gift cards (looking forward to a visit to Red Lobster) and, most welcome, phone calls. One such phone call was from Laura Van Valkenburgh Murray in Grand Gorge. Eva and Laura were neighbors in Little West Kill with family farms next door to each other.

What a super birthday and we wish for many more for Eva. You have a wonderful family to be such guardian angels. Eva said it was such a wonderful birthday she wants to live forever. Eva misses Don especially on her special day. She said on her birthday when he was alive, first thing in the morning he would pat her on the head and say “What do you want for your dinner?” She told him, “I want my breakfast first then we will talk about dinner.”

Get well wishes go out to Randy Briggs. We wish him speedy recovery and the best of health.

Alan Huggins was not one to let his sister Kathy Sherman get the best of him. He matched her for a heart attack and then one upped her with complications and a flare up of his tick diseases. He spent four days in hospital whereas Kathy only had to spend one night there. Good health Alan and Kathy.

Reminders of upcoming events. Free concert at Proctor’s in Schenectady, at noon Feb. 11, with Claudia Bracaliello as the featured organist, playing the famous Goldie. Try to attend.

TGIF Brook’s BBQ at the Lexington UMC, 3-6:30 p.m. Feb. 14. Adults, $12; children 5-10, $5, under 5 no charge. Great way to shed the winter doldrums and treat your sweetie to a night out.

Happy Birthday to Andy Lutz on Feb. 10. Mary Cline is wished a very Happy Birthday on Feb. 12. Our Stephanie Baker is wished Happy Birthday on Feb. 14. Great Day to have a birthday. Happy Anniversary to Donnie and Connie Lane on Feb. 8. And on Feb. 9 we wish Johannes and Marianne Krauss a Happy Anniversary.

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