PRATTSVILLE — To all our healthcare workers here and all over our country, you have our thanks and admiration, and prayers for your safety and health.

See Letters to the Editor to see the thank you letter from Jim Keller, Chief, Voluntary Service, Stratton VAMC, for all your help in assisting our hospitalized veterans and those in need or homeless during the past year. You do make a difference. Next week will share Michele Ferrauilo’s letter, CTRS, Supervisor of the long term units at Stratton, outlining the Christmas joy brought to our hospitalized veterans by your generosity. With the ongoing pandemic, many of our veterans are still in need, even if they are able to remain in their homes. Non perishable food items (no glass) and full sized toiletries are always in need and we are committed to see that all donations are delivered to Jim and Michele on a timely basis.

Mildred Harkness, late long serving Town Clerk, was honored by her fellow Prattsville residents on Saturday, Jan. 9.

At the monthly meeting of the Prattsville Hose Company on Jan. 4, after a delicious pancake, sausage and egg dinner (thank you Tammy and Mark Robinson!!), annual elections were held. The results are as follows: Jim Dymond, chief; Dave Rikard, president; Tom Olson, first assistant; Eric Dymond, vice president; Steve Haight, second assistant; Ray Bracaliello, secretary; Ted Weingates, third assistant; Deb Dymond, treasurer, Elliot Oaks, safety officer; Tammy Robinson, steward. The Revs. Elliot and Mary Jo Oaks will continue as Hose Company Chaplains. Chief Dymond reported that Prattsville Hose responded to 44 calls last year, many for mutual aid to our neighboring communities. Brandon Brainerd received the 2019 award (which usually would have been presented at the annual banquet the previous spring, canceled due to COVID) as Hose Company Member of the Year. Congratulations all electees and Brandon!!

No, Marianne Krauss and Ginny Gurley have not taken up breaking and entering parked cars in their old(er) age. They were spotted removing yarn from a car and putting it into Marianne’s car at the home of the absent Lula Anderson. All is legit, Lula had told them to help themselves if she was not at home. The yarn will be used for afghans, hats and scarfs for hospitalized and needy veterans. Thank you Lula. And on the other hand, a dozen large brown fresh eggs and a $$ donation for the veterans was left at the home of one of them. Thank you to all — it is those acts of kindness that gives one hope and puts a smile on your face.

Condolences to the family of John Riggi, recently deceased. Sympathy to the family of Estelle Nolte, Conesville, on her death. Estelle was an accomplished knitter, making Mary Maxim pattern sweaters that her husband Ken wore with pride. Ken was our building inspector for years. She is the mother of Darlene Briggs and we know where Darlene gets her quilting expertise. Our condolences to all.

Happy Birthday to Michael O’Hara on Jan. 17. On Jan. 18 we wish Derek Briggs Happy Birthday. Phyllis Raeder and Benny Benjamin are wished a very Happy Birthday on Jan. 19. It is Happy Birthday wishes to Marianne Krauss and Theresa Speenburgh on Jan. 20. On Jan. 21 it is Happy Birthday wishes sent to Sandi Grant Rion and Freda Fancher. Nancy (Mrs. Mike) O’Hara is wished a Happy Birthday on Jan. 22. No one wanted to get married in January? No anniversaries.

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