PRATTSVILLE — Thank you to all our healthcare workers and essential workers. You are appreciated.

Prattsville’s Main Street continues to be beautified and updated. Tammy and Richie Clark’s home is looking really nice. Both Young homes, one on west side of Main Street and one on Route 23, are going through updating and repair. Just in time for fall decorations.

Congratulations to Isaac and Nadine Gurley Huntsman on the birth of their son, Lincoln Thomas, on Sept. 23. Lincoln weighed in at 9 lbs. 4 ozs and measured 22 inches. Dad Isaac said he has his own basketball player. Mom is not saying anything. Nadine and Isaac are nurses at Bassett Hospital and we thank them for their special care of all those in need of medical care.

Have the information for the internment services for our Lunetta Hill. Graveside services will be at 11 a.m. Oct. 3 at Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Ashland, across from The Brandywine.

Jim’s Great American is open at 7:30 a.m. for senior citizens who feel the need to avoid larger crowds. Those hours are for senior citizens but senior citizen discount is only applied to receipts on Tuesday — Senior Citizen Day. Thanks Jim.

Peter and Marcia Gurley Tocci were at her parents for a few days. They needed the rest from their two grandsons, Lukas and Nate, who, along with mom Brittany and dad Rich, are at their home while their new home is being readied for moving-in day. Grandchildren are a joy but…….

Eleven American Legion Auxiliary members gathered at Vasta’s, observing health guidelines, for a sometimes rowdy luncheon. Do not put Mary and Pat at opposite ends of the table for their good natured banters will be enjoyed by other diners in the restaurant. Carrie Hermance, Nancy Kizyma, Mary Cline, Ginny Gurley, Jen Traver, Marcia Tocci, Marianne Krauss, Pat Bifolco, Anita Creazzo, Eva Irwin and Laurel Van Aken enjoyed their lunch and each other’s company. Eva is bragging that next February she will be 90 years old and you would never guess it by her memory and physical agility. Daughter Laurel does the driving, taking Eva for her doctors’ and hair appointments. Laurel, an avid motorcyclist, enjoyed a road trip with 22 other female riders on Sunday. It was a perfect day for it. Prior to the road trip, Laurel and Jim Huggins enjoyed a trial run, enjoying an outdoor lunch.

Got a list of items that can be purchased for the veterans on the 9th Floor at Stratton VAMC, items that can be stored until delivery on Dec. 14. They are as follows: K-cups regular coffee, hot chocolate K-cups, shaving cream (USA), 2 in 1 shampoo/body soap (they love strongly scented), lotion, and in large and x-large sizes, heavy non-white T-shirts and flannel pants and lounge pants (no jersey or thin cotton). In any denominations — Visa gift cards, Walmart and Target gift cards and Price Chopper gift cards are always welcome for unexpected needs.

Excited to know that Ken Follett’s book, “In The Evening and In The Morning,” is on the market. This is a prequel to his “Pillars of The Earth.”

Happy Birthday to Eddie Voorhees on Oct. 3. Special Happy Birthday wishes are sent to Dean Isaac Martin on Oct. 6. Happy Birthday wishes to Samantha Baker on Oct. 9. Very special Happy Anniversary wishes are sent out to Bob and Carrie Hermance on Oct. 8.

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