PRATTSVILLE — We continue to send thanks and appreciation to all our medical professionals and their support staff, essential workers, first responders and others for just being there for their fellow Americans.

After the recognition last week of Paul Devivo’s military service and his appreciation for The Prattsville Scoop, we are sad to report that Paul passed away last Friday before Kevin had a chance to read him The Scoop and show him his picture in the Mountain Eagle. Our condolences to his wife Joyce and all his family. At this time Joyce is experiencing a bit of a health problem and we send her get well wishes.

Sue Huggins is really forcing the spring activities into being. She had a barbecue of hamburgers and sweet corn on March 9. She said she had promised husband Alan this treat and she was keeping her promise. Although we had a few springlike days, her barbecue didn’t bring on permanent spring weather.

Last week’s Redwing Blackbird scout brought home his flock. They are avariciously eating at the bird feeder. Saw a few robins on Sunday, amid the snow flurries, and heard the bluebirds calling for their mates. Local gardeners have bought their vegetable seeds for spring and summer plantings.

Spoke with Jim Keller, Voluntary Services, at Stratton VAMC. All non-medical staff is being utilized at the vaccine clinic at Building 67 facilitating the vaccination of more than 300 veterans daily. That is a multitude of people we owe appreciation — thank you. The VAMC is still in virtual lockdown and they will have a load of items from us when they do open. Jim said they are getting low on food items and nearer the end of March, they will be holding a food drive to replenish their pantry. All departments at the Stratton VAMC are Number One in our book.

The American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 and American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327 are into their spring/summer session. The Legion is working with the Town on a project to have Banners of Honor for our veterans on utility poles throughout the town. More information to follow. The Auxiliary has a few plans for their activities. Due to the pandemic and ongoing guidelines, it is with regret they feel it is best to forego the Easter Egg Hunt for 2021. With the logistics of the hunt and the ages of the participants, even with modifications, it was decided that it was best to wait until next year to safeguard everyone’s health. Apologies to the children and community. Just wait until next year!

Does anyone remember Nate Simon’s the Rag Man? He would have a route, without a schedule, and he would show up in his panel van and scales. Farm wives would gather up all their discarded clothing, rags, and he would weigh them up but darned if I can remember what the remuneration took the form of. Did he have items in exchange? Money? Seems like I remember kitchen items. Through some supplier, you ordered grain and even in flowered feed sacks, even your preferred colors. My mother would make dresses for her 9 daughters out of those feed bags and we even got to order our own favorite colors. Those feed bag patterns are now being replicated for modern quilters.

Happy Birthday to Sue Truesdell on March 20. Danyelle Ballard is wished a very Happy Birthday on March 24. Eddie Zimmerman is wished a Happy Birthday on March 25. Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Al and Anita Creazzo on March 21.

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