Presidential dogs, past and present

Contributed photoTruffle is an 18-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He is neutered, up to date on his vaccines and ready to find his forever home. We are in the process of crate training him, as well as leash training and teaching him basic manners.

You just can’t get enough of the Presidential-pooch thing, can you! At the doggone-demand of our readers, and with the assistance of Shaun Coen, and his Dog News of November 14, 2008 “Off The Leash” column and his impeccable research of previous Presidents, we’re going to give you what you want — Presidential politics via their dogs. Here we go!

George W. Bush has loved two Scottish Terriers and an English Springer Spaniel; George Bush Sr. an English Springer as well; Bill Clinton a Labrador; Gerald Ford, a Golden Retriever; Richard Nixon a Cocker Spaniel; Lyndon Johnson a Collie and three Beagles; Dwight Eisenhower more Scotties and a Weimariner; John F. Kennedy had an Irish Wolfhound, Welsh Terrier, English Cocker Spaniel and a German Shepherd Dog. But of course!

Going back to our nation’s roots, George Washington had Foxhounds (he was also known as the father of the American Foxhound); Thomas Jefferson boasted a Briard; and I didn’t know that James Buchanon, Ulysses Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes all had Newfoundlands. Hayes also was pack leader to a Greyhound, Cocker Spaniel and an English Mastiff. FDR had Scotties, Irish Setters, a Bullmastiff, a Bulldog, an English Setter, a Great Dane and a German Shepherd Dog. Yes! A person after my own heart — you can never have enough dogs!

Teddy Roosevelt boasted a St. Bernard, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a Pekingese, a Manchester Terrier and a Bull Terrier. Another leader of a diversified dog pack was Calvin Coolidge, who had three Collies, two Chow Chows, a Bulldog, an Airedale, a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier and an Old English Sheepdog. Herbert Hoover had Fox Terriers, an Irish Wolfhound, a Norwegian Elkhound and a German Shepherd Dog. Yes! Grover Cleveland loved a Poodle, Benjamin Harrison a Collie, and John Tyler an Italian Greyhound.

Many years ago, my mother had called with a hot news flash that then Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his family had purchased a German Shepherd Dog puppy. That’s howling, I mean music, it was to my German Shepherd Dogs’ ears. Bill Clinton had Socks the cat…oops, wrong column! Barack Obama put the Portuguese Water Dog on the map, and rightly so.

We now have our new German Shepherd Dog “White House residents,” Major and Champ. Although Major may have misinterpreted the new surrounds and demands on his protective imperative with a misplaced nip, we are delighted that canines now roam the lawns of the capital.

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