Vaccine has more positives than negatives

Dear Warriors,

Note: The vaccine has more positive than negative results, read carefully.

I want to dedicate this column to my friend Hayward, who recently passed away from Covid-19. He and his wife were stricken with the disease around Christmas. They pulled through and were even told they could get the Covid vaccine, which they did. They thought that their battle was over, however weeks later; Hayward had to be readmitted to the hospital with Covid symptoms. From the hospital he sent out a message to his friends saying he was doing better, but had some issues with his breathing. A few days later he passed away. This was devastating to everyone who knew him. He was a husband, Vietnam vet, father, volunteer, anything you could associate with the word good was Hayward.

I wanted to get some information on people who died after getting the vaccine. In an article on Jan. 16, 2021 in the Catholic Citizens Organization of Illinois by Zachary Stieber of the Epoch Times, 55 people have died in the US after receiving Covid-19 vaccines. Deaths have occurred in people receiving the Moderna and Pfizer Biontech vaccines.

The article states: The reporting system, The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems (VAERS) is a federal database. The system is passive, meaning reports aren’t automatically collected and must be filed. VAERS reports can be filed by anyone, including health providers, patients or family members. VAERS reports often “lack detail” and sometimes have information that contain errors” VAERS report only represent a small fraction of actual adverse events.” They go on to say in some cases, patients died within days of receiving vaccine.

For one example, in the report a 93-year old South Dakota man was injected with the Phizer-BionTech vaccine on Jan. 4 around 11 a.m. About 2 hours later, he died; he was tired and couldn’t continue with the physical therapy he was doing. He was taken back to his room, where he said his legs felt heavy and soon after he stopped breathing. In addition to the deaths, people have reported 96 life-threatening events after receiving a vaccine, 24 permanent disabilities, 225 hospitalizations and 1,388 emergency rooms admissions.

Moderna and Pfizer didn’t respond to request for comment. Abigail Capoblanco, spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration told The Epoch Times via email, “Any reports of death following the administration of vaccines are promptly and rigorously investigated by the FDA and the CDC.

Now as of Jan. 15, 10.5million people have received the vaccine, so what does all this mean? It means you should consult your doctor before you get the vaccine. Even though it has done more good than bad, it’s like when chemotherapy was first used to treat cancer. Some people, like me, had great results but some had serious effects such as heart attacks. So please get a thorough physical to make sure you don’t have any underline issues that make you ineligible for any vaccine.

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