How many more lives will be lost

Dear Warriors,

This country is in crisis. The death toll due to Covid-19 is now 394,000 and counting, losing 3,000 Americans a day. Even with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines on the way, our death rates are still escalating.

So why is it climbing? Some say people are committing suicide because of job loss. People are losing their jobs. Children are depressed because they can’t go to school. We see people on food lines. These are serious problem. We help other countries in a minute if there was a hurricane or earthquake; but for some reason the Congress (Republicans and Democrats) think that giving $600. To people is going to encourage them to run out and buy a Mercedes! Remember, these representatives work for us. They are getting paid, while playing volleyball with a relief bill.

Some may look at the vaccines as the miracle treatment for this, not so fast. For one thing you still HAVE to wear a mask. Everyone is not going to get the vaccine. African Americans are skeptical, because of how they were used in the Tuskegee experiment; when they were injected with syphilis, to find a cure. Even if one half of the population gets the vaccine, we are still going to be far into 2021 with people still dying from covid.

Meanwhile, hospitals in rural areas are at full capacity or worse yet, closing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still not going to be the first in line to get this vaccine. Even though these vaccines have proven to have a 90%-94% efficacy (capacity for producing a desired result or effectiveness) this still doesn’t answer the question, “What about the people who are in dying in the hospitals?”

Why didn’t Operation Warp Speed think about making the cocktail drug, that was administered to Giuliani, Trump friends and family, available to ordinary citizens who are dying in hospitals from COVID? This may be why, according to Giuliani, Trump’s doctor who urged Giuliani to go to the hospital when he tested positive, “His doctor sent me here,” Giuliani said, “He talked me into it. I didn’t really want to go to the hospital, and he said, don’t be stupid, we can get it over with in three days if we send you to the hospital.”

Can you imagine how many lives would be saved if they could get the anti-body cocktail of Remdesiver and Dexamethasone? It has to be administered over a 3 day period with the assistance of oxygen. The estimated cost of this treatment is well over $100,000 but if it could be offered free of charge by the government and look what it would do. It would free up hospital space. It would make room for people who are pregnant, suffered a heart attack, needs dialysis, chemotherapy etc... People could get back to work. Though the price is high the return we get is worth it.

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