A welcome mat for wildlife

Contributed photoRestoring vegetation.

Until recently, my understanding of naturally based gardening has been plant-centric and frankly reactionary. To the extent it’s possible, I’ve tried to restore whatever vegetation once flourished on the local landscape, with the idea that this would invite the return of native wildlife. After talking to Kat Tancock and Domini Clark, however, I’m taking a more imaginative view.

Both of these women are journalists based in Ontario, Canada. Kat lives in Toronto, and Domini in Hamilton. It was in a remote shepherd’s hut in Wales, though, where she was vacationing that an epiphany came to Domini. While she was there, she picked up a book, “Wilding: Restoring Nature to Our Farm” by Isabella Tree. In this, Tree describes how she and her husband decided to transition the 3,500-acre family estate from marginally profitable agriculture (the land had been farmed intensively for centuries) back to a more natural state.

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