I’m not going to forecast the upcoming winter ‘til April

Trick or Treat! Were we tricked? or treated with our late October snowstorm. The first storm is always the best — especially if you don’t have to go to work in it. It was a picture post card storm. The snow in the evergreens. Just breathtakingly beautiful. The “good” news is that it didn’t get warm and rain after the snow. The temps dropped and we were able to appreciate the snow for a full day. Does this portend a snowy winter? Only time will tell. In April I will tell you the winter forecast.

We have had some great news from Jewett. Prayer works. Just ask Clarence Soule who has had fantastic medical news. John LoPresti has had some great news about his health. Now we just have to keep praying for him to complete his healing. He is still away from home, hopefully he will be able to come home before the middle of November.

Congratulations to the Pastor of the Dutch Reform Church in Prattsville, who went West to be ordained. Unfortunately, the reopening of the church will be delayed, as Pastor got sick while she was there. Get well wishes and blessings from us all.

Sympathy to Darlene Briggs on the passing of her sister. Prayers to Mike Ryan, husband of Judy, the Herbalist-nutritionist, Mike had an accident and is in the hospital. (Not newspaper Mike).

Can you believe that it’s November already? Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I decorated the Ashland Church today with my fruits and vegetables. Thanks to Pastor Choi’s sons for helping me put our bounty in “just the right spot.” I love working with the little ones.


The beautiful Wedding Cake House is the next house on our tour. It was named for the beautiful woodwork, or Gingerbread, trim around the top of the house. The Victorian Age brought about such wonderful designs. When one looks at it, it definitely brings to mind a wedding cake. The one thing I always wonder, why is there a widow’s watch and walk in Windham? The past few years, a lit Christmas tree is in residence for all to see. For awhile, it was an apartment house, and many teachers rented space there including Robert Ferris and Charlotte and Ed Hitchcock.

Next door we come to the gray, stately house which was the home of Don and Eva Thompson, and later the Snow residence.

On the corner of Mad Brook and Main Street was the house, I believe belonged to the Towners, then, more recently, the location of Brabazon Insurance office. Behind this house was the building which was the home of Myrtle and Edward Stead. Upstairs there were apartments. Sorry, Hurricane Irene took them away.

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