What happened to good manners?

What has happened to integrity? In the past two weeks I have experienced, and heard, stories of business people totally disregarding the wants, needs and even the acknowledgement of customers. Friends have gone shopping in local, and big box stores, and have been totally ignored by sales clerks. Cashiers who check your purchases out without once looking at you, or talking to you. Friends of the clerks who stand and talk to the employee while there are other customers waiting, or being checked out. One friend went to a big box lumber store, had a list of all of the material needed for a new deck, had cash in hand, but when she went to place her order, the clerk walked away and started looking over paperwork. Not even an “excuse me.”

I have spent countless hours on hold trying to resolve a motor vehicle complaint, only to be told “there’s nothing I can do about it, call ________.” The website has told me to contact my local Motor Vehicle office, who has said, I don’t know what to do about it. I have spent many hours on the phone, trying to contact a real person at Social Security only to be told that so and so will get back to me when ------. I have not resolved any of these issues, nor do I expect to do so in the near future. The rudeness of so many people has left me feeling so discouraged. If you have something to tell someone, do it pleasantly.

Several of these issues would have been resolved several years ago, if the person who called me gave me all of the facts in a pleasant manner, instead of rudely stating that this had to be done or penalties would be imposed. There are so many openings for waiters, yet no one wants the job. One reason is they don’t need the abuse of the customer. I wonder how we got to this point in society. Manners don’t seem to matter. The customer is very seldom right, and we all feel that we have the right to say what we want whenever we want.

Thirty WAJPL GoldenAgers got together on Monday early afternoon for a Luau-themed meeting. So many showed in bright colorful outfits. Next meeting is scheduled for June 21 at the new time of 1 p.m.

Katterskill UMC will be holding its annual Roast Beef dinner at the Tannersville Fire House on June 15. Serving starts at 4:30 p.m. take out only.

What a wonderful gathering at Vesuvio’s for Kevin Chase on Sunday. Thank you, from the family, for all who attended, and who have been, and continue donating money.

A large male bear visited The Big House (Bert Lawrence’s former residence) last week. Jackie said she could not scare him away.

Hopefully, the Senior Nutrition Center in Jewett will be open for Congregate Meals in August. Staffing is needed at many of the Nutrition Centers, both per diem and volunteer. Volunteers are needed for many of the services provided by the Department of Aging. We are trying to get services up here on the Mountain Top, but we need volunteers to help out. Please consider helping.

The Medical Center in Hensonville is looking for a receptionist. Hours will be shared with Cairo. Please get in touch with Holly Hoyt at either medical center.

Prayers for Louise Begley who is not doing well the past few days. Sympathy to Donny Speenburgh and family on the passing of his sister-in-law. His brother is also in need of prayer. Sympathy to the family and friends of Don Strausser formerly of WestKill. He and Diane have been in Elder Care in Margaretville for sometime.


One of the first plants to come up in early spring is Rhubarb, AKA the pie plant. My friend who gives away a lot, also make barbecue sauce, rhubarb with pork chops and rhubarb apple bread. I walk into her house and smell the wonderful aroma of baked goods. We all try to use seasonal fruits and vegetables in our cooking. Sampling my friend’s baked goods always reminds me of coming home from school and the smells of my mother’s kitchen. Zucchini, carrot, banana, pumpkin breads and muffins. These are considered “quick breads” as they are made with baking soda and powder, and are just “thrown together,” put in a pan and baked. But how about yeast bread. The smell always invites you to eat and share. Nothing tastes as good as homemade rolls and cinnamon buns. Hot out of the oven. Slathered with butter. Mother used to bake every day. Do you remember watching the yeast dough, covered by a towel, set near, but not too close, to the stove, to raise. We’d watch, and check on it puffing up with the yeasty smell, only to have mother punch it down again. I sat and pondered, how did they come to put yeast into little foil packets for us? Where does yeast come from? What is sourdough? Do you know that you should not make wine in the same house where you bake bread.

The Ancients discovered that flour, put in a container that held milk or wine would puff up nice and fluffy when cooked. That was the beginning of yeast based dough. Back in the Gold Rush days, the miners would carry around a “starter” that would be stirred frequently. The heat would sour this and now sourdough bread is a California specialty.

As for me, as long as it’s bread, it’s all good. The Staff of Life.

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