Wonderful Autumn. Cool nights, warm days. I had to get dressed three times this morning. I was freezing when I woke up, so on went the long sleeved sweatshirt and warm pants. Oops, time to take off the sweatshirt and turn down the heat. Should I take out my shorts and sleeveless shirt? In a couple of hours it’ll be time to reverse the process. It’s crazy, but we still haven’t had our first frost. tHistorically speaking, we always planned on frost the week after Labor Day. Tomatoes are still green, yet no hurry to take them in. Will we have our first snowflakes on Columbus Day? Weather or not!

Don’t forget Autumn Affair weekend is quickly approaching. Oct. 9 and 10 is right around the corner. Ron Gabriele will be presenting a program on Lionel Trains at the Windham Hensonville UMC at 2 p.m. on Saturday. All welcome, no charge. Although we like to cater to the visitors, don’t forget the 9th is the WAJ Alumni Dinner at the Windham Ski Slope. Hope to see you all there.

The members of the Jewett Presbyterian Church wish to thank all who showed up at the Rummage Sale. There was a lot of stuff to pick through, and I didn’t see anyone leave empty handed. It was good to meet and greet our old crowd again. So many Rummage Sale Friends!

The Ashland Church will NOT be holding it’s annual Chicken and Biscuit dinner on Election day. However, we plan to be selling assorted soups by the quart at the Ashland Town Hall/community center/Fire House on Election Day. Come on by and get a hearty dinner.

So many people to pray for this week. Get well wishes to Ken Hudecek, Bud Osborn, Kenny Krom, Art Rood and Joan Gates. Sympathy and condolences to the families of Tom Soule, Donna Falke, Gerry Tompkins and Betty who is sister to Fran Williams of Ashland.


On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, 48 WAJPL Members went to Lancaster, Penn., the primary reason to see QUEEN ESTHER at Sight and Sound, and a dinner theater production of Mama Mia. On Thursday, it rained all day — torrential downpours! Many got soaked trying to shop or walk to eat. As many of my fellow travelers, I looked like a standard poodle — so very becoming. I sat on the bus watching so many, thinking of haircare. Does anyone remember finger waves? The fashionable look at the time was the haircut named a “bob” then using a styling “gunk,” you used your fingers to make waves in your hair. I think the styling gel was green in color. A rat tail comb was dipped into the gel and combed into the hair. The hair dresser would make waves all around the back ending with a flip. The hair dyed, and sprayed to stay in shape. Pin curls were the way to curl, held with a clip or bobby pin.

No rollers yet, no teasing, but every woman had a dish on her dresser, which my mother called a cootie box or garage. The hair from your hairbrush was placed in this dish through a hole in the top. When you needed a fuller look, you would take this hair and stuff it near your scalp, and comb your hair over it. My mother used hers to puff the hair over her ears.

When I think about the Gibson Girls, I wonder if that’s what puffed out their hair. I know this was called at rat, probably because of its resemblance to a rat’s nest.

Hair styles come and go. Some years long, some short. Curly, straight. Permed, natural. Today its mostly wash and go. Progress?!?

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