Time now to stop and smell the roses

This week has been a very long, trying week for most of us. I have observed that there are two major types of people. There are the givers. Thank you to Hickory Hill Market who has been donating products to the local food pantry and to area Senior Citizens. Their generosity started before the crisis, and we are sure it will continue. Thanks to the restaurants who have donated food that they bought for the ski season that was suddenly cut short. Again, the food pantries, and Senior Nutrition center benefitted from your generosity. The little extras in the home delivered meals are very well appreciated by the citizens who are high risk.

Now, there’s the I. ME. Mine people. Those who run to the grocery store and wipe out the displays so they won’t suffer. People, deliveries are still being made on the same schedule that they were following. You don’t need 10 packages of chicken, all the sausage in the case. Still don’t know what you’re doing with all of that toilet paper, and this is coming from someone who is always well stocked with it. It’s a shame when you attack the clerk stocking the shelves because the alcohol and prep pads were moved behind the counter so the people who give themselves daily shots can be safe. Have you tried soap and water to keep your hands clean? It works better than alcohol. Boo to the woman who couldn’t get a thermometer because it wasn’t in the shipment. Do you think berating the clerk and all the store managers is going to make it miraculously appear?

Kudos to parents who are home schooling by teaching their children to do housework, cook and write letters to patients in nursing homes. There are no visitors allowed in the homes, do you have any idea how much joy a card or hand drawn picture can bring?

Maybe this is God’s answer to slowing down our over busy lives. I got to go away with a friend (to clean a house) last week and didn’t feel guilty about what I was missing. We can sit and relax a little. Read a book, day dream, clean your closets, take a solitary walk. We finally have time to stop and smell the roses. We have time to reconnect with our families. Take advantage of this hard time by thinking of others.

Hope Restoration Christian Fellowship have cancelled their Annual Easter Breakfast on April 12.

Fr. Jay will be taping Mass at least each Sunday (he will be saying it privately from now on due to latest restrictions) and possibly daily. I think it will be always available at this YouTube site. https://youtu.be/ruaAwQbhkmE

Also, here is a link for a site that St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church in Windham has a subscription to. It has religious educational, prayer, and entertainment videos, audio books, etc. To sign up for a free personal account go to https://formed.org/signup and enter the Windham zip code (12496) to sign up under St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church parish account.

Due to the current crisis of the Coronavirus and the effect it is having on all of us health wise and financially the Ashland Historical Association Inc. feels the need to postpone our annual June tractor show and pull till possibly September’s fall event. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our supporters but feel it’s the right and responsible thing to do. I will post any updates. Thank you Samerna Rion, President and my board members.


Please contact food bank directly for details, availability and eligibility requirements. All information is subject to change

Windham Community Food Pantry - Hope Restoration Church, 117 State Route 296, Windham, NY 12496 518-734-3826. Open 5-7:30 p.m. Thursday and 9 a.m.-noon second and third Saturday; Jewett Food Pantry - Jewett Presbyterian Church, 53 Church St., Jewett, NY 12444

917-992-7419. Open 1:30-3 p.m. Sunday; Potter Hollow Food Pantry, 4824 Potter Hollow Road, Preston Hollow, NY 12469 518-860-3061. Open 9:30 a.m.-noon the second and third Saturdays of each month; Prattsville Community Church Food Pantry (for Prattsville and Ashland residents), 14464 Route 23, Prattsville, NY 12468 518-299-3321. Open 4-6 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month.

For anyone 60 and older, the Greene County Nutrition Program is still up and running. Home delivered meals are still being delivered, and meals are still available at all Nutrition Centers for take out. You must call ahead, at least a day in advance, to let the director know how many meals to prepare.


Happy Birthday greetings to Nettie Brink who will celebrate 90 years. Did you send cards to Mary Holcomb? She, also, turned 90 last month. And Kay Spaulding, who will be celebrating her 94th.

Thanks to all who care. Our phone chain is expanding. With social isolation, we can still call each other. Expand your call list. Make sure your neighbor is fine, just chit chat with them. Prayers for all who are ill or confined.

Congrats to Kayla VanValkenburg, my niece, who just said “yes” and is engaged. Wally Thompson just called, and sends his best.

All events are pretty much canceled, Call ahead for any changes.


My thoughts for walking Main Street, Windham, was for my readers to go back in their minds and remember and so it happened. I have had calls from people who added information about some of the inhabitants. So, going back to the Ed Hitchcock-Edna Fiero house. Janet Pousant Goos’ family, the Knapps, lived there and the children were born there. The next house, Dr. Pacer, was once owned by Howie and Betty Thorp before they built on South Street. Thanks for calling me with the addition info.

So, last week I spoke about Morse’s store and Phil Sullivan, a very important part of Windham. Next door was an appliance store that was owned by Sam McCubrey, and wife Florence, who lived on Mill Street. After the appliance store closed, The Friendly Red Door opened. This was a medical loan closet; if you needed crutches, you didn’t get them from the doctor, you went to The Friendly Red Door. When you were done with them, you didn’t put them in the closet, cellar, attic,,,you returned them for someone else to use. The Windham Pharmacy still has some of the equipment, but, nowadays, insurance will pay for it, so get new and throw out.

The next building, now a restaurant, was the National Bank of Windham. When you needed a loan, you went to John Smith and asked him for money. John didn’t have to do a credit check, he knew your financial status, and how good you were on paying back money, so you usually got the money that visit. How nice is that?

That was really the end of the commercial district. Now we go back into housing. Now it’s time for a trip to Windham to refresh my memory. If you have any additional info, I’m self quarantined and will talk.

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