Welcome to spring! As I’ve been traveling “down south” the past month or so helping Judy pack up her house, I’ve been watching the leaves emerge from their winter state to the spring colors of the leaves. The trees in blossom, first the forsythia, the redbud, magnolia and lilacs. Each tree more breathtakingly beautiful than the last. Along with the blossoms and blooms, it is also the time for spring births. North Settlement brags about an extra large mama bear and her 3 babies. Neil saw a 400 pounder just outside of Ashland last week, and night after night, a very large bear attacks the dumpster in the park. Under my house, I have a mama woodchuck and babies which I have been trying to get rid of for years. An orange cat in the park has 3 babies hiding in the tall grass. They were living under my porch for awhile until they got evicted and are now trying to find a quiet, safe place to live. Good luck on that.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend (celebration, not original). The town crews are busy cleaning the cemeteries to make it easier for you to visit your loved ones. We spend so much money on funerals and headstones to memorialize our dearly departed, then forget about them. In Europe it has always been the families’ responsibility to take care of the family plot, ensuring that someone would visit at least once a year. The churches used to have work bees to clean up the gravesites, now the towns have taken over and people are complaining about the poor job that is being done. I confess, I’m guilty of not taking care of my families’ plot. Maybe this afternoon I’ll go visit.

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