The Ashland Church is open; not many in attendance

What does Labor Day mean to you? Does it signify the unofficial end to summer? Is it “just another 3 day weekend?” Is it a time to get ready for school? Are you taking stock of all that needs to be done before the inevitable start of cold weather? We haven’t heard much about big Labor Day Sales this year, do you miss the hype? We have just gone through a most unusual summer. Many are hoping for a return to normalcy. Many are accepting the “new normal.” What’s your opinion on the changes in the traffic and population density of our Mountain Top? Are you ready for summer to be over? All questions to ponder, and you are welcome to send me your thoughts.

The weather was cooperating (finally) with my on-going Yard Sale. I still have many beautiful items to sell, though, and will be here, for sure, on Columbus Weekend. If you have need of anything, always let me know. If I don’t have it, I can usually find it.

The Ashland Church is open again. On Sunday, I attended, and, as always, found it the most comforting place to be. It’s a place of complete serenity, shut off from the sounds and worries of the outside world...BUT, it was too quiet. The pews were empty. Where were you? Church has always been a sanctuary. One of the safest places to be, only now my church is empty. Where is your support? I cry for the church. Without your support and attendance, it will be just another vacant building in Ashland. Maybe then the supporters will show up, as they do with other vacant, derelict buildings. Please don’t let that happen. Support our church now.

Please keep the following in your prayers and thoughts: Susan Luce, Roger VanEtten, Bob Blaine, Betty Young, Wanda Partridge, and all those with medical conditions.

Congratulations to Willie and Anita Drum on the arrival of grandson, Merritt David. Congratulations to Leon and Ila Goodrich who will be celebrating 69 years of marriage on Sept. 9.

Thank you to Joan Meyers, sister-in-law to Elsie Myers who worked for the Post Office in years past. Joan wrote to thank me for local news, plus catching up on what she has been doing. Joan lived in Prattsville for 35 years, but has since moved to Stamford to be with family.


We have left the Windham Methodist Church, and the memories of all of the Pastors that served there, and are continuing up the hill. Next doo , now Jim Miltenberger’s. was a paint and wall paper store. It was owned by Walt Vining, and a very popular place to shop. Wallpaper is a trend that goes in cycles. What was popular so many years ago to cover plastered walls, has, temporarily, been bypassed by clean, painted walls. The Vining house was next with a few cabins in the back for summer rentals.

Next came the home of Mrs. Frank Keller, and the house where Marie and Ken Smith live. It was owned by Tennie Cole, but was also lived in by the Heffernan’s before Ken and Marie.

Next, at the intersection of Mitchell Hollow Road, was where the Dickoffs lived. Across the intersection, was Mr. and Mrs. Moon. She had been a singer/actress in New York, and shared her talents with many groups in the Windham area.

We have come to the cemetery, so it is now time to carefully cross the street and make the trip back down the hill, through the other side of town.

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