Remembering the Post Office on Mill and Main

Ahhh July. Welcome Summer and the three “H’s.” The long awaited thunderstorms that came and went. The hurricane that, thankfully, didn’t make its way up here, but left just enough rain to make the zucchini grow, and grow, and grow. Gardens that were mere seedlings the week before are now lush and alive with the fruits of the farmers’ labors. I see tomatoes and peppers on plants, and now it’s a waiting game for them to ripen. I had my first taste of fresh picked zucchini on Saturday and there’s nothing better......remind me in September when I find them in my car, on my front porch and hidden in every nook and cranny.

Got feedback from Jay Fink about Fourth of July: We had lots of food options this year!

Bill Shaw, whose wife Colleen runs Tiger Lily Jewelers, got ambitious and grilled meats for cheesesteaks and I understand he had ribs and was selling a variety of BBQ sauces! I saw the ever-present Karen’s Country Kitchen food truck parked opposite the Post Office. Hickory Hill Market had a constant flow of people looking for ice cream, frozen treats and Sabrett hot dogs. They did a great job. And Rob Lani stationed himself outside his store (the former Todaro’s) and grilled sweet and hot sausage heroes for the masses.

I think you already knew who was doing food, based on your description of hearing me talk it up on the radio, but this was everyone I was aware of!!

Patti Morrow had an update on our Blue Moon addition: Karl and Joan Anis were the last owners of the Blue Moon. They were living in the upstairs apartment when it burned. Harry Avery wasn’t a doctor. His nickname was “Doc” because he was a pharmacist. Thank you for your input, it helps me to have great reporters.

Happy birthday greetings to Louise Begley who is celebrating her 98th year.

Welcome seminarian, Matthew Palardy, who will be at St. Theresa’s for the summer. We hope he enjoys his stay on the mountain top. Deacon Peter has been cleared to start making home visits again. He was deeply missed.

The Jewett Food Pantry is open on Sunday again. Please continue using it, or it will be closed down permanently. There is no shame in going to a food pantry when you need food. It’s a shame when people will shoplift and run the risk of being prosecuted when there is abundant food in Greene County. All you have to do is show up, and sign up. If you are uncomfortable about being in public, there are assistants who will place the boxes in your car.

Congratulations to Pastor and Mrs. Choi on the birth of their third son.

Do you know Joel Berson? I had the pleasure of eating brunch with him on Sunday at Natasha’s. We’ve been friends for over 40 years. I’ve also had several calls this past week from people who have lived in the Windham area in the past. Some are reading my column about the village of Windham.

Sorry to hear a large bear was hit at the intersection of 23 and 17. I didn’t hear or see, but Clarence has pictures.

Many storms on Saturday. Rain, thunder, rain, sun, and more rain. I could not open my yard sale, then the canopies blew away and I ran to cover my wares, only to have them blow again. But, there was a beautiful rainbow looking out Rosie’s windows while we were eating supper. I hope the many sales that were in Ashland had better luck than me. Don’t forget to check me out next weekend.

Wally Thompson sends his regards to all from Greene Meadows where he, and all, are fine.


As we leave Mill Street, it’s noted that many people have called about the families that lived in the various houses in Windham. Memories are being stirred up from the dark recesses of minds. Many, whom I consider kids, but are in their 60s and 70s, are remembering what they did in Windham and with whom. I will, in the future, include as many names as I can, along with the buildings.

We have now reached the large white building on the corner of Mill and Main which, for many years, was the Post Office. It had a large waiting room (lobby), which had a big table in front of a picture window. The Post Office was a gathering place for many; business people who traded their news, as well as the local “gossip” sessions. If you wanted to confirm a story, go to the Post Office. I remember Dennis Ferris, Ernie Ferguson, Ronald Morse, Paul Adams and Charlotte Hitchcock working there. Ray Euchler was the rural carrier.

Next door was was an Italian Restaurant — Mary’s, run by the Inserellos. The smell of Italian food cooking brings me back to those days. Franklyn and Betty were married and had their wedding reception there. Upstairs were several apartments. Hope Kempton Fisher, Ernie and Barb Andrus, the Snows and many others lived there.

Since the Post Office left, it’s been a carpet store, real estate office, Carol’s Emporium, and now Vaughn Builders.

Next week we cross Mad Brook, over the concrete bridge and retaining walls that were constructed by Clayton Moss and his crew.

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