Welcome to the first day of Summer. As I sit here, it’s raining and miserable. Last week it got so cold I couldn’t work outside and I have so much to do. The upside is, we really need the rain. This Saturday is the memorial service for Kenny, and Judy’s lawn has to be mowed so she can put up the tables and chairs. Wasn’t it just the other day when we said don’t panic, there’s a month to prepare.

Thanks to the Greene County 911 response team, Ashland didn’t live up to it’s name last week. Fire Departments from Ashland, Hensonville, Windham, Jewett, Lexington and Prattsville sent full crews to battle the blaze which destroyed two houses at the foot of West Settlement Road. Also on the scene were the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Windham Police, towns of Windham and Ashland Ambulance, Greene County Paramedics, and Greene County Emergency Services. Sincerest sympathy to the family of Chasondra McGill of Schenectady, the driver who lost her life in this horrific accident. Thanks and prayers to Jeremy Younes who suffered severe smoke damage. We can rest easier knowing that we have a great response team during an emergency situation.

Donations are being collected at the Briars and Brambles Bookstore next to the Windham Pharmacy for Laura and Shane Decker who lost everything. See WRIP Facebook page for sizes and needs.

Remember that Primary Day is June 28.

The date of the famous Jewett Fire Department’s Brooks Chicken Barbecue is Aug. 6 starting at 4:30 p.m. Takeout only.

Thanks to the efforts of parishioners and Mitchell Hollow residents, the Mitchell Hollow Chapel will be holding two services this summer on July 10 and Aug. 20. In order to keep our historic churches open, a service must be held at least once a year. Please keep our legacy by attending at least one service. Donations graciously accepted.

The Ashland Community Church will be hosting the Catskill Glee Club at the Center Church in Windham on Oct. 16. Please mark your calendars.

If your organization is holding an event, feel free to contact me at lmgeand@yahoo.com and I will help you advertise it. I need the information a minimum of two weeks before so it can reach the public. We reach people in Delaware County, as well as Greene, and I have heard from some in Ulster County that they have read my news. WRIP also gleans information for its calendar of events.

Continuing prayers for Anita Drum, Pat Ferris, Wendy Krom, Berry Young, Jeremy Younes, Opal DeLong, Wally Thompson, Dot Giordano, Coralee Barlow, Betty Thorp, the Deckers, and Ed and Janet Armstrong.


Sunday’s service reminded us about gifts, expected, or not, and how they make us feel. What was your greatest gift, what was the gift you received that keeps on giving. I have been asked why I keep writing about the flooding we experienced during Hurricane Irene. Through that experience I have received many gifts which I continue to be thankful for.

On that fateful day in August, I was getting my husband up and ready for the day. He was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, and needed constant care and attention. It was raining and the yard and cellar were filling with water, nothing unusual. I was busy between taking care of Andy and my usual chores, when there was a knock at the door. It was Jeremy Younes who was going through the trailer park evacuating everyone. I said, give me five minutes, I need some time to get ready. My car was parked on the yard. Jeremy and friend carried my husband out to the car and I followed. The water was up to the second step of the porch. Out I went to the car and headed down 23 to Ashland. When I got to my sister-in-law’s house to pick her up, I realized I had no shoes. I asked for a pair of slippers and we went off to the Fire house.

Remember, we had just had a fire and lost the firehouse and were in the process of rebuilding our new one, so the fire house was only a shell. We figured, it would stop raining, and we would only be here overnight, so everything will be all right. Nope, it kept raining, and the river kept rising. There were no doors on the firehouse and you could see the road becoming a river. We looked behind the post office and could see whole buildings floating by along with all sorts of debris. There were no bathrooms, no running water (although there was plenty of water everywhere else), and more and more people coming in. We knew we were in for the long haul.

I will continue my saga next week, as the anniversary of Irene rapidly approaches.

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